Anuga Cologne 2023

Discover the latest plant-based innovations at the Anuga!

Moving towards a sustainable and fair food system, the global food industry is currently undergoing dynamic changes. The Anuga is the world’s leading food and beverage exhibition and brings together the largest international industry community.

Vegan chicken, vegan fish and vegan eggs are on the menu at the Anuga

“Discover the latest vegan innovations at the Anuga!”

Making the switch to a plant-based diet is a key subject that appeals to more and more consumers. That’s why the Anuga provides ample space to develop plant-based products like vegan chicken and fish, and even vegan eggs. More and more supermarkets and retailers are seeing a growing demand for these products and are keen to respond.

The Anuga is an important platform for producers and retailers to discover, showcase and promote their innovative products.

A lady eats a very tasty vegetarian sandwich.
Anuga Koelnmesse 2023 - Innovations from Schouten

Schouten offers plant-based chicken, fish and eggs

“Schouten is responding to the growing demand for plant-based alternatives to meat. Discover their plant-based chicken and fish products at the Anuga!”

Schouten, a leading producer of meat substitutes, is responding to the growing popularity of plant-based products. Consumers are increasingly switching to diets with fewer animal products, so demand for these products is growing. Schouten offers several vegan products as alternatives to traditional meat products, including vegan chicken, vegan fish and a vegan egg substitute.

Vegan chicken

“Enjoy crunchy vegan Wings: the perfect snack to accompany drinks!”

Schouten’s vegan chicken products are a tasty and nutritious choice for consumers who want plant-based alternatives to chicken. For instance, they have the vegan Southern Fried Chickenless Wings with a flavourful mix of spices and just a hint of heat. Tender, juicy and crunchy, this vegan chicken snack is the perfect accompaniment with drinks. With a B nutri-score and soy and pea protein as key ingredients, this snack is a great addition to any charcuterie board. Visit Schouten at the Anuga and try this delicious snack!

This is what Schouten Europe is sampling at PLMA 2023: 
Vegan chicken and Plant-based chicken: Southern Fried Chickenless Wings.
Dit laat Schouten Europe proeven op de Anuga 2023: 
Vegan vis en Plant-based vis: Vegan Green Tuna

Vegan fish

“Tasty and sustainable: Vegan Green Tuna”

Schouten’s vegan fish products are the perfect replacement for traditional fish dishes.

Meet Vegan Green Tuna: a tuna variety that will never be threatened with extinction. This delicious and sustainable plant-based option retains the flavour and texture of tuna, without using animal products. It meets the growing demand for plant-based fish alternatives and is versatile in use.

Visit Schouten at the Anuga and try this delicious vegan fish!

Vegan egg substitute

“Sustainability and health come together in Schouten’s No Egg White!”

Schouten understands that consumers are also looking for sustainable and healthier egg substitutes. That’s why Schouten has developed vegan No Egg White. This egg substitute is made from rapeseed oil and soy protein. It’s perfect for vegans, vegetarians and those looking for a healthy and sustainable alternative to eggs. It offers the authentic egg experience, but it’s free of animal cruelty and cholesterol. It is therefore more suitable for use in salads than tofu, which is still often used in vegan egg salad.

Visit Schouten at the Anuga and try the irresistible vegan egg substitute!

This is what Schouten Europe is sampling at PLMA 2023: 
Vegan egg white and Plant-based Vegan egg white: No Egg White
Taste the latest and tastiest meat substitutes at the PLMA Amsterdam

Taste the future of meat substitutes with Schouten at the Anuga!

Visit the Anuga in Cologne and meet Schouten, the experts in plant-based and vegan products! As one of 7,972 exhibitors, we will present our latest innovations and showcase our wide range of private label meat substitutes. Visit us in the Meat More Meatless Hall 5.2, stand S E070. The Anuga will take place on 7-11 October May at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. Don’t miss it!

Eveline Scherff - Sales Support Specialist

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