The start

Schouten is a family company that is part of the Schouten group. The emergence of the first Schouten company dates back to 1893. The great-grandfather of the current Director of Schouten Europe started a bakery back then.The Schouten family subsequently built up substantial knowledge and experience of the various sources of vegetable protein through many years of international trade in raw materials and animal feed. The company Schouten Europe B.V. was established in 1990. The company was the first Dutch party to focus specifically on the development, production and sale of plant-based protein foods. Schouten Europe B.V. has, to a large extent, contributed to the market development of this product group in Europe.

Schouten Europe - a family business

Schouten Europe worldwide

Schouten Aahaar India was established in 2013. In the next few years we intend to embark on successful collaborations in India and surrounding countries for the exploitation of meat replacement concepts. Schouten Middle East was founded in 2014 and Schouten USA in 2015. Also in these countries, we are actively supplying our plant-based protein foods to both companies as well as end consumers.

Everyday we get better

The quality of the products has steadily improved over the years. Schouten Europe holds on to that which is good, but also seeks improvements and possibilities to innovate. Schouten Europe has a suitable solution for almost every product application regarding the replacement of meat, which meets requirements for taste, bite, texture, ingredients, nutrients, allergens or raw materials.

CEO Schouten Europe - Henk Schouten
Henk Schouten, director Schouten

More information about the possibilities?

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