Why Schouten?

The main advantages of a collaboration with Schouten are:

  • Rapid market introduction thanks to an efficient and flexible approach.
  • More than 30 years of experience putting plant-based protein foods concepts on the market.
  • Extensive knowledge of raw materials, finished products, processes, and the market.
  • Varied and wide range of products.
  • Quality guarantee: we guarantee the first-rate inspection of producers, packaging locations, and suppliers of raw materials, based on the highest quality standards.
  • Cooperation with Nutrilab B.V. in the area of food safety and analysis.
  • The possibility of innovation in collaboration with the Schouten team of product developers.
  • Sustainable products and production methods, thereby allowing more scope for public relations regarding corporate social responsibility.

Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss the possibilities.

More information about the possibilities?

Get in touch with one of our commercial staff members via the form below. Fill in our form as completely as possible and we will contact you within two working days. Our team is happy to look with you at the collaboration possibilities.

Our experts

Henk Schouten
CEO & owner
Peter Schouten
General Director
Arjaan van der Giessen
Commercial Director


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