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Schouten began as a family business, and was the first producer of meat substitutes in the Netherlands. We have since grown into an innovative player in the food sector. We develop and produce vegetarian and vegan products for businesses in the food sector, from retailers to QSR and industrial applications. We operate within a growing market: the number of individuals finding their way to the vegetarian section is ever-increasing and plant-based burgers have become a trending menu staple.

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From smoky bacon bits to classic tofu – we carry a highly extensive product range

All of our products are made from plant-based proteins, such as soy, wheat and peas. The core ingredients are then mixed with various grains and a selection of vegetables such as mushrooms, cauliflower, pumpkin and sweet corn. They are flavoured with various herbs and enriched with key vitamins and minerals. New meat substitutes and the most creative combinations are added to our selection regularly.

Producer? Plant-based: A guarantee for success!

More and more producers of meals, pizzas, salads, soups and various other product categories use plant-based protein products for successful market introductions. Please download our white paper to find out how plant-based protein products add value to your business.

3 reasons to work with us:

  • You can have your products custom-made. We will gladly combine our knowledge of taste, bite, texture, nutrients, minerals, allergens and ingredients with your new ideas and inspiration.

  • You can offer our products to your consumers under your own branding. We can fully customise both our products and our packaging in line with your wishes, so your consumers receive a trusted product.

  • You can also offer products from our own brand GoodBite to your consumers. We offer more than 35 vegetarian and vegan products under our own brand GoodBite. With our selection, we offer a good base range of products, including hamburgers, bratwurst, diced ham and tempeh. We also offer products to compliment this basis, such as Mexican bean burgers, fish fingers and Portuguese sausage.
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Smaller orders?

Looking for vegetarian and vegan products for your restaurant or food truck? Contact our partner Food5.

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Introduction and samples?

We look forward to welcoming you in Giessen so that we can tell you more about our products. We can also schedule an introductory telephone call or Skype chat. Would you like to receive samples of various products with various packaging options? This is also a possibility, please contact us.

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