Green Protein Alliance

GoodBite has joined the Green Protein Alliance (GPA) together with a number of other leaders in the food industry. The GPA is a unique collaboration between the retail sector, the catering industry and other food producers who want to give the consumption of vegetable protein a major boost.

Henk Schouten at Green Protein Alliance

The market for products with vegetable protein is already developing at a significant pace, driven by an increased consumer interest in healthy and sustainable food. GoodBite also sees opportunities in this increasing demand for healthy and sustainable products. The Green Protein Alliance’s joint ambition is a market where products with vegetable protein are a natural choice. For any time of day, top quality and with a good price-quality ratio.

What is the Green Protein Alliance?

The Green Protein Alliance is a collaboration of sustainable frontrunners in the food industry who want to give the consumption of vegetable protein a major boost. The Green Protein Alliance’s initiators are DuurzaamDoor (, NewForesight and Het Planeet, in collaboration with the Platform Voedseltransitie (Food Transition Platform).

Founding Members

Green Protein Alliance Founding Members meeting 7 juli 2016

The Green Protein Alliance’s Founding Members are: Albert Heijn, Bonduelle, BOON, The Dutch Weed Burger, GoodBite, HAK, Marley Spoon, Rechtstreex, RotterZwam, ValkVers – De Cantharel, Vegafit, Vivera, as well as Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment) and Het Planeet. They are supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and have the Voedingscentrum (Nutrition Centre) and Milieu Centraal (Environmental Central) as their knowledge partners. This has resulted in a very powerful shared message.

Visit the Green Protein Alliance website for more information.


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