Clientcase: Schouten mini-falafel in QiZini wraps

In 2011, Greencore Nederland and Johma Sandwiches joined together to form QiZiNi. Over the years, the ‘friendly food company’ became a major convenience food player. Read the client case where René van Vulpen, Product Development Manager at Qizini, talks about their successful journey with Schouten to develop a new vega wrap.

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Schouten launches innovative and versatile plant-based egg white

Schouten Europe, a Netherlands-based producer of vegetarian and vegan products, has launched its first plant-based egg white.The product is said to look and taste like chicken egg whites, while providing the same nutritional benefits. It takes far fewer resources to produce than conventional eggs, and is suitable for those with egg allergies.

Colruyt is switching to a sustainable tray

Supermarket giant Colruyt has been living up to its slogan ‘Lowest prices’ for years. In addition to attractive prices, the Belgian family business also has an eye for sustainability. For example, the chain asked Schouten to package their plant-based products more sustainably from now on. A label has replaced the cardboard sleeve, and the tray is now 100% recyclable.

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How this Dutch town is helping people choose plant-based foods

The North Brabant municipality of Altena in the Netherlands is launching the first Dutch-area pilot program that promotes plant-based proteins. With the slogan “Plant-Based Together,” the program involves visiting supermarkets, schools, and restaurants to encourage local people to make plant-based food choices more often.

Henk Schouten (links) en Rieks Smook (Grassa) beklinken de samenwerking met een handdruk 

Meat substitutes based on grass-based proteins

Developing meat substitutes using protein from grass. That is the goal of the collaboration between the Netherlands-based family company Schouten Europe and the Dutch company Grassa. Grass protein is a suitable alternative to soy, an ingredient that is now commonly used in meat substitutes.