3 new variations of vegan minced meat

You have surely noticed that meals and meal components with vegan minced meat score well. And the growth is far from over. Discover our 3 new variations of vegan minced meat here.

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Why soy is such a good meat substitute

You probably know them: vegetarian or vegetable burgers, sausages, balls, and pieces. But why is soy used for so many meat substitutes? And is that good for your health and the environment? You can read about it here!

Hoe milieuvriendelijk is soja?

How environmentally friendly is soy?

Soy is used as a base for many plant-based products. Many people are concerned about the impact of soy production on the earth and the global climate. Here you can read about the sustainability of soy!

Albert Heijn Vegan Tonijnsalade - witrand

Client case: AH Vegan Tuna salad

De Menken Keuken has been supplying food products for over forty years. One of the more successful product innovations is AH Vegan Tuna Salad with Schouten’s Vegan Green Tuna.

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V-label reveals the finalists of the international V-label awards 2021

Schouten is one of the finalists among 577 entries. They are nominated in the category innovation with their egan Tempeh Mince.

Powder raw material mixer Huijbregts Groep: “We strive for operational excellence”

When it comes to food safety and quality, we leave nothing to chance. That is why we only work with suppliers who embrace our way of working.

Schouten Plant-based product - Chickenless Dippers Vegan

Vegan Crispy Chickenless Dippers: deliciously crispy and juicy

Chicken substitutes are incredibly popular. Schouten is responding to this with the new vegan Crispy Chickenless Dippers.

Excellent quality starts with excellent suppliers

The quality and food safety of our end products is partly determined by the quality of the raw materials, therefore Schouten pays all attention to the selection of suppliers.

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Schouten launches vegan chicken dippers as a snack for foodservice

Dutch alt-meat company Schouten Europe has launched a new product called Crispy Chickenless Dippers, which it says is ideal as a snack to be served in pubs, cafes, and restaurant

Dutch vegan ‘pub food’ snack introduced

This month, the Giessen-based family business Schouten Europe is introducing the ‘Crispy Chickenless Dipper’. Schouten is responding to the growing…

WUR and VMT, too simplistic?

On 19 August, the following message came online on the website of the VMT: WUR research: ‘Manufacturers of meat substitutes pay too little attention to healthy composition’

Where is the vegan standard?

What makes a product vegan? And which production guidelines apply? The legislator has not yet set a definitive standard for it. Schouten is already taking a few steps forward.