Client case: A more sustainable alternative

Whether it’s perfecting the texture of our vegetarian ham cubes or enhancing the flavour of our vegan mince, we are constantly looking to improve our products. In addition, we also develop new products, either based on an existing meat product or on a new taste experience or idea. We serve a variety of clients, both multinationals as well as smaller retailers in the food industry. Keep reading to find out about our partnership with an international client who wants to expand the menu in their restaurants with vegetarian and vegan products.

From meat to meat substitutes

Besides non-food products, this client also sells a variety of food products worldwide – from snacks and gourmet foods to take home, to ready-made meals to eat right there in the store. Sustainability is important to the client, although until recently they continued to sell a relatively large number of meat products. They decided to modify their menu by adding more vegetarian products. Anything that falls out of this range contains as few allergens as possible.

From concept to recipe

We had already developed two burgers for this client, and they recently came back to us with a proposal for a rough concept. It was really more of an idea, no work had as yet been done on a recipe or ingredients. Together we further developed their concept into concrete products, namely balls and nuggets.

Product development and product presentation

As we were developing the product together with the client (co-development) we got stuck in together straightaway to try out and refine different recipes. The client then took the products back to their head office to do taste testing. They also investigated whether the products could be prepared in the restaurant’s kitchens. Product presentation was also addressed in the kitchens i.e. how long the products stay fresh and tasty after being prepared.

Work in progress

We are currently still refining the products, as it takes time and research to produce high-quality products for this client. To ensure the quality of the products, we maintain weekly contact with the client, and we also brainstorm together about new possibilities for improving and expanding the selection.

Worldwide compliance check

Schouten levert vegetarische producten in meer dan 50 landen

We supply our products to over 50 countries, and through this client we supply to various different global regions. Since laws and regulations differ per region as well as per country, we conduct a full compliance check for all products that we supply. This means that we check to verify that all ingredients are also actually permitted to be exported to the particular country. In addition, we check that the information on the labels complies with relevant national legislation.

Quality standards

IFS Broker en BRC Food gecertificeerd

As a producer of vegetarian and vegan products, it is important to us to meet the highest quality standards. That’s why we have our own Quality department and run our operations from multiple BRC- or IFS-certified production sites, ensuring that both we and our clients can be sure that we use the right ingredients and production methods.

Looking to add meat substitutes to your current range? Or do you have ideas about vegetarian or vegan products? Contact us and discover a booming business in the food industry.

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