Client case: The Larco Foods vegetarian cooking sauce

The base of all Schouten’s products is plant protein, and these products are made for various clients in the food industry. Our mission is to offer consumers a sustainable alternative to meat, which fits seamlessly with the increased awareness surrounding a plant-based diet. Together with one of our new clients – Larco Foods – we started a process that contributes to a superior-quality cooking sauce.

Larco Foods

Client: Larco Foods
The case: Which meat replacement product is suitable for the Larco Foods vegetarian cooking sauce?
Larco Foods contact person: Ruud Zoon Commercial Manager

Larco Foods – like Schouten – is a family business in retail, food service and industry from Brabant. This production company specialises in traditional preparation and preservation of broths, fonds, soups, sauces, ragouts and meat products. Larco Foods is also a Private Label supplier for various (industrial) clients nationally and internationally, as well as copacker for a number of well-known brand suppliers.

The Case: a new vegetarian cooking sauce

Larco Foods was also aware of the shift towards less meat consumption and was asked by a Dutch retailer to create a vegetarian cooking sauce. Larco Foods asked Schouten for advice about the right ingredients for the sauce. We proposed a selection of smaller products suitable for sauces. The best options for the sauce proved to be the vegetarian stir fry strips, due to their texture when cooking in the sauce and their rich flavour.

The result: joint effort vegetarian product

A joint product was brought to market: we supply the vegetarian stir fry strips (frozen, in 10kg boxes) to Larco Foods, where the strips are added to the vegetarian cooking sauce. The most recent taste test has revealed more similarities with the wishes expressed by Larco Foods and our other products. This is because many of our products are great in combination with the concepts by Larco Foods.  Larco will develop these concepts further and offer the results to clients.

Ruud Zoon (Commercial Manager at Larco Foods) talks about the collaboration:

“Although Schouten is our supplier, we also see them as a partner. This becomes clear in the way we collaborate: a pleasant working relationship achieving great products. We have been buying Schouten products for some time now, but the introduction of the vegetarian stir fry strips in tomato sauce is a great example of this successful collaboration.”

Larco Foods logo

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