Jumbo and Schouten: a tasty collaboration

Since 2014, Schouten has been supplying plant-based products under private label to Jumbo. In 2017, together with the supermarket chain, we introduced the vegetarian and vegan product line Jumbo Veggie Chef. It was restyled as Lekker Veggie in 2019. “Their enthusiasm is infectious”, says Nico Wormgoor, senior assortment manager of the supermarket chain. What started with seven vegetarian and two vegan products under private label has grown into a complete plant-based product range, including 15 Schouten bestsellers.

Challenge: a private label line in the vegetarian/vegan sector

Even before 2017, Jumbo predicted a growing consumer demand for meat alternatives. Reason enough to give the vegetarian product range a big boost with its own private label line.

Jumbo and Schouten joined forces in the development. Jumbo was responsible for the look and feel and Schouten for R&D, production, packaging, and delivery. This eventually led to nine successful products under the house brand Jumbo Veggie Chef.

Jumbo chooses Schouten after tender

It is clear that this will be a tasty cooperation. After a tender in 2019, Jumbo again chose Schouten. As of this year, there are no less than 15 tasty Schouten products on the shelves. Among them are nut balls, diced ham, bacon strips, piri piri hamburgers, marinated filet, and Frankfurters.

Jumbo invested not only in a new look and feel but also in a new name: Lekker Veggie. With the name change, the retailer emphasises its decision to use less salt and sugar while still maintaining flavour. The sustainable packaging is made of 100% recycled PET bottles.

Nico Wormgoor, senior category manager at Jumbo:

“At Schouten the rule is: a deal is a deal. These professionals stand 100% behind their products and have considerable knowledge. They have been supplying our vegetarian products in private label form for years. Their enthusiasm is contagious. I hope that Schouten will be able to benefit fully from all the developments in its sector. But I actually expect it to be at the forefront of this”.

“Schouten has a great deal of knowledge”.

These are the three best performing Schouten products in the Jumbo range


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