Schouten Europe: specialist in plant-based protein products: Plant-based chickenless burger

Plant-based menu development in Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

The number of plant-based menu options is rapidly increasing in QSRs. How do you ensure you create a menu that satisfies the customers’ expectations and, above all, their tastes?

A burger for the vegan who may not have eaten meat for years. Or a plant-based burger for the true carnivore who may want (to at least try) a delicious plant-based option.

Menus are generally limited. But how can you help ensure that substantive, plant-based menu items are included? And that these take into account all demands and expectations. Are you also bearing in mind the practical considerations that must be taken into account when operating a restaurant?

For example, plant-based protein products are often cooked on the same grill as meat products in QSRs.

Schouten Europe: manufacturer vega en vegan meat substitutes: Our Product developer developing plant-based protein products

Specialist in the development of plant-based protein products for QSRs

Schouten is equipped with its own R&D division. The R&D ‘Development’ team is dedicated to working full-time on clients’ customised requests for the development of plant-based protein products produced specifically for QSRs. Interested in reading more about our R&D division and how it functions? Click here!

Our R&D division’s development team is eager to dive into the kitchen with you and work together to create a perfect product that satisfies all needs and requirements in the QSR


Client case study – A more sustainable alternative

Schouten has worked with a major international department store, which also sells food items, to help expand its product range. This client offered a very large range of meat products and was eager to increase sustainability by offering more plant-based products. Read here about how we developed a special plant-based range of products for this client. Click here for the client case!

Schouten Europe: specialist in plant-based protein products: Plant-based chickenless burger

We offer:

  • 100% focus on and specialisation in the development of plant-based protein products
  • Tailor-made plant-based protein products
  • Dedicated R&D team specialising in the needs of customers among a diverse range of QSR stakeholders
  • 30 years of experience in the development of plant-based protein products
  • Single-source raw materials, no premixes
  • Considerable operational knowledge, from logistics to QA/QC
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Knowledge of the market, trends and competition
Product Schouten - Productie bij DALCO FOODS

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