Vegetable protein manufacturer

A meat replacement company

Schouten is a meat substitute company, mainly active in the USA and Europe. We develop and produce products based on vegetable proteins. We sell these products worldwide to all kinds of companies within the Foodservice, Retail and Food Industry. Our head office is located in the Netherlands, but we now also have an operational team in the United States, Schouten USA.

We develop customer-specific vegan and vegetarian product on request

World player in meat substitutes

As early as 1990, we were convinced that the world would need meat substitutes. That is why we started as a meat replacement company and began developing vegetarian burgers, cutlets, and sausages. Our company has now grown into a global player in this field, and we have one of the largest and most versatile ranges available.

Full-fledged meat substitutes

As a meat substitute company, it is of course important for the products we develop to also be a full, nutritional alternative to meat. That is why we always ensure a high protein content and often add iron and vitamin B12 to the products. However, we do take the guidelines and conditions in certain markets into account as much as possible.

Vegetable protein manufacturer

Investments in the development capacity of our meat substitutes

These are challenging times for a Meat substitute company. Many companies are looking for a good partner who can help with finding replacing meat products. In recent years, we at Schouten have mainly invested in R&D capacity, production capacity, and our own quality control team that ensures the food safety of the products.

Schouten USA

In the USA, we now supply various large companies with whom we work intensively to make sure the introduced products are a success on the market. Products are sold in various types of packaging to supermarket brands, wholesalers, food service and food industry companies.

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    Matt Prescott – Supply Chain Manager USA
    Matt Prescott
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    Ralf de Meij
    Project Manager
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    Peter Schouten
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