Vegan food producer

Schouten specialises in the development, production, and packaging of vegan products. As a vegan food producer, we offer a wide range of both vegan and vegetarian products. We supply to retail, food service, industry, and QSRs. Companies like Aldi and Subway belong to our clientele.

Vegan products

A selection from our vegan range are vegan falafel, bean quinoa burgers, lentil burger, loose minced meat, tempeh, and tofu.

Tailor-made vegan products

In addition to that, we offer a fixed range of vegan products. Our strength as a vegan food producer lies in the development of tailor-made products.

Packaging for our vegan and vegetarian products

As a vegan food producer, we also offer various types of packaging. In both bulk units and consumer packaging. The consumer packaging, such as a tray, bag, or freezer box, can be sold directly to consumers. Our food service boxes of 2.5 and 3 kg are ideal for QSRs, food service companies or catering, for example. We also offer the possibility to ship to the US in top loading cases of 10 kg or, for example, in an Octabin/Palletainer. In the USA this can then be repackaged in the desired consumer units.

Vegan food producer in the USA

Schouten USA

We deliver our vegan and vegetarian products to more than 50 countries. To provide our customers with the best possible service wherever they are in the world, we have our own office in various countries. We also have our own specialised team in the USA. This way we are always up to date on developments in the market, we have the right know-how and we can also offer the right service locally.

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Brad Lahrman – General Manager USA
Brad Lahrman
General Manager Schouten USA
Matt Prescott – Supply Chain Manager USA
Matt Prescott
Supply Chain Manager Schouten USA
Niek-Jan Schouten
R&D and Business Development Director
Paul van Vuuren
Productions and Logistics


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