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Vegetarian burger company

We produce products based on plant-based proteins, such as vegetarian burgers, sausages, and snacks. There are a wide variety of vegetarian burgers now available on the market. We as vegetarian burger company distinguish between three types of burgers, divided into two groups.

#1 Schouten Classics – our meat lookalikes

As vegetarian burger company our Classics range includes meat-like products. These are products such as fish fingers, cutlets, sausages, but of course also burgers. This category includes two types of burgers, pre-cooked and fresh burgers.

Schouten Plant-based product - Vegan chickenless Zinger Burger - Vegetarian burger company
Schouten Europe: manufacturer vegetarian en vegan meat substitutes: Vegetarian breafkfast patty - Vegetarian burger company

Pre-cooked vegetarian and vegan burgers

Chicken burgers, breakfast patties, burgers, and burgers with a delicious marinade. As a vegan burger company we have the best, tastiest and most versatile burgers in our range. For example, the vegetarian American Breakfast Burgers are wonderfully spiced and fit perfectly with a traditional American breakfast. But our piri piri burger, with spicy marinade, is also perfect for the BBQ. And our vegan Burgers Without Chicken have a wonderfully crispy coating and cannot be distinguished from real chicken in terms of taste.

Fresh vegan burger

The demand for fresh or raw burgers is increasing. This trend has spread from the USA. As a vegetarian burger company we also have a fresh burger in our range. This vegan burger is legendarily tasty. The burger has the taste and looks of meat but it is 100% made from vegetables. This burger is ideal for putting on a hamburger bun with various toppings.

Vegan Legendary Burger - Vegetarian burger company
Karla Paans - Sales Assistant

Would you like to call or email us about our vegetarian burgers or our other products?

You can contact our office staff via the contact form below or via info@schoutenfood.com. They are happy to help you and we are happy to work together with you to come up with a suitable solution.

Karla Paans - Sales Assistant

#2 Schouten Variations – products with their own identity

Of course, you want to bring your customised product to the market quickly. Thanks to tightly organised internal processes and an external network of production partners, we guarantee a short time-to-market. Fast does not mean careless: Your project manager involves you in all phases of the development process.

Vegetarian burger company - vegetarian nut burger
Vegetarian burger company - Development of vegetarian burgers

Specialist in product development

In addition to being a vegan burger company, our strength is also in developing customer-specific products. We have been active in the development of products based on vegetable proteins since 1990. Due to our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of raw materials, we are the specialist in this field. We are happy to listen to your ideas and are happy to discuss the requirements for developing a product with you.

Schouten USA

As a vegan burger company we are also active in the USA. Our team in the USA is aware of the latest developments in the market and is available throughout the entire process. For the USA market we offer different packaging, both frozen and refrigerated, for various channels Retail, Foodservice, QSR and Industry.

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