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Specialist in plant-based protein foods

Your veggie food partner

With more than 25 years' experience in developing and producing plant-based protein food, we deliver top quality. Our product range is probably the most versatile in the world: tasty, healthy, and comprehensive. We are the veggie food partner for major European retailers as well as for smaller food specialists.


The best ingredients

We carefully select the healthiest and tastiest ingredients for our plant-based protein food; so we are keen to use beans, nuts, seeds, soy, wheat, chickpeas and lentils. These are wonderful sources of protein, beneficial fats, vitamins, and fibre.


For everyone

We can provide added value for any company looking for plant-based protein food. Good products, reliable deliveries, and professional support in the area of quality, marketing and product development are a matter of course.

manufacturer vegan tempeh

Schouten is specialist in the development, production, and packaging of meat substitutes.  

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Custom product development

Our standard product range includes a large numer of good quality products that can be quickly delivered – either as a brand or under a private label. Of course we will gladly think with whenever you have specific wishes for a given product. On the right hand side you can see some marketing cases.


vegetarian vegan meat substitutes


  • Cubes in sauce for a major snacks manufacturer

    Together with a major manufacturer of snacks we have developed a vegetarian snack variant within an existing snack line. The demand from this particular customer arose from market developments and trends such as the demand for healthier food. Increasing the share of vegetarian products within the product range coincided with the sustainability policy of this organization.

  • Market specific products

    For markets such as the Middle East and Asia we have developed all kinds of recipe formulations tailored to the local people’s taste preferences. Also, the use of certain ingredients can vary per market, inasmuch as in some markets egg protein or the addition of iron and minerals may not be allowed.

    New in our product range!

  • Christmas products

    We developed a Christmas product in order to differentiate a major retailer in the market. An increasing number of customers wish to offer vegetarian products in answer to the demand for healthy and varied meal components.



  • Spreadable salads

    Together with a major producer of spreadable salads, we have come up with a customized solution using vegetarian ham. By delivering the product in a specially customized packaging, our partner can now produce the cuts required for its different salads.

  • International fast food chain

    We developed a customized product, based on an analysis of the target audience, for an international fast food chain. Together with this global partner, we are continuously working on improvements in the sustainability of ingredients, supply-chain efficiency, and optimization of production processes

  • Pizza topping

    We developed a pizza topping for an international pizza producer. The veggie product had to rate highly in flavour. It was also necessary to prevent the topping form drying out when cooking in the oven. Using a specific product development track we were able to come up with a suitable solution for this manufacturer. All along there was constant interaction between the product developers.

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We currently deliver to 45 countries

Schouten levert vegetarische producten in meer dan 50 landen

Discover our broad range of burgers, schnitzels, snacks, tofu, sausages, and more!

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