Ensuring our partners consistently receive high-quality and safe products is our top priority.

We carefully select only the best raw material suppliers based on the quality of their products and the processes by which they manage their inputs.

All Schouten production sites are certified and registered with the FDA. Production sites have a diverse range of equipment and production lines to provide our customers with a full suite of processing methods, such as baking, frying, etc., and are closely managed so we can guarantee the quality of our products.

Quality Assurance

Manufacture of our products occurs according to the highest standards to ensure food quality and safety. Established procedures guide the daily operations of all food production.

Food Safety

In order to ensure continuous food safety, inspections and analyses are frequently conducted outside the production process, such as sensory inspections, microbiological analyses and site sampling.


Should a food related issue be discovered we are prepared. A sample from each production batch is retained and stored and all processing and analytical results are saved at least two years after the expiration date. Full traceability can be completed through a bottoms-up and tops-down approach using the name and batch code, or expiry date. Traceability tests are carried out regularly as part of internal audits.

Partnership with Nutrilab B.V.

Nutrilab B.V. is an independent commercial laboratory within the Schouten group that performs tests to determine and ensure the quality of food. This allows us to quickly and efficiently organize lab tests, such as:

  • Research into allergens
  • Chemical-analytical research
  • Physical research
  • Microbiological research
  • Microscopic research
  • NIR analysis