Our Core Values

In addition to the mission & vision, Schouten also has 4 core values. These core values provide guidelines and help us make decisions in our daily work.


Always pioneering and creating

With this vision and strategy in mind, Schouten aims to lead the way in the plant-based protein products market. We are curious and eager to learn and assist our customers to continuously set themselves apart in the market. We operate worldwide and are open-minded towards other cultures and traditions. We draw inspiration, knowledge and experience from this and are eager to share this with our colleagues, customers and suppliers. We translate trends and developments into refreshing new products and initiatives. We like to optimise use of the knowledge within our network. We invest in our personal development, thus enabling our company to use our innovation potential to the fullest. Together we continue to pioneer, create and, above all, innovate!

When circumstances change, we show flexibility and creativity to reach new solutions.

Arjaan van der Giessen – Commercial Director


Always strive to achieve the best possible result

At Schouten we want to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are proud of and grateful for the collaboration with our customers. We do everything in our power to serve them as well as we can and like to go the extra mile, so that our customers will also become ambassadors for Schouten. To establish a successful, long-term collaboration, it is important that we get to know and understand our customers well. To enable us to keep improving ourselves, we value the feedback from customers. We challenge each other to improve our performance day after day. We strive to become leaders in terms of:

  • market knowledge
  • production techniques
  • raw materials
  • consumer insights
  • food safety
  • legislation and regulations

By applying and imparting this knowledge in a consistent and engaging manner, we create added value for our customers. Together with colleagues, customers, suppliers and production partners, we aim for the best possible results and put our shoulder to the wheel!

We combine innovationcraftsmanship and flexibility with the long-term perspective and fair and transparent partnerships that are part of our roots as a family business.

Peter Schouten – General Director


Thoughtful, well-informed decision-making at all times.

At Schouten we want to have a positive impact on the world around us. We act with integrity in matters entrusted to us and gladly share with those who need it. We take responsibility for our work and act respectfully towards humans, animals and the environment. We are clear about our expectations from others and what others may expect from us. We are proactive, decisive and solution-oriented. We are aware of the goals of our company, our department and our personal contribution in achieving these. Working together towards a successful company and a positive influence on society!


Always to perform our work with sincerity and love for each other

At Schouten we treat one another as we want to be treated ourselves. We are open and honest and deliver on our promises. We can rely on each other and do not badmouth each other. We invest in good relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers. In doing so, we are aware of the mutual dependency. We always look for ways of collaboration where everyone feels appreciated and respected.

Together we carry out our work with sincerity, with love for each other!

We always look for ways of collaboration where everyone feels appreciated and respected.

Peter Schouten – General Director

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