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In the food industry, taste is what matters most. New opportunities are emerging as the taste of plant-based foods increasingly exceeds the expectations of both retailers and consumers. Private label and brand name producers now have every incentive to develop new vegetarian, vegan, and meat-free product varieties. Schouten is pleased to provide you with the most delicious plant-based ingredients for a commercially appetising concept.

Your meal or product concept, our dedication

With a broad, plant-based product range, three R&D teams to develop customised ingredients, access to numerous production techniques, and 30 years of plant-based knowledge and experience, we have everything needed to make a tasty contribution to your success.

For private label producers

Like to be at the forefront of product innovation. Schouten offers you innovative and delicious plant-based ingredients so that you can provide them with amazing private label products.

For brand name producers

As a brand name producer, you have a reputation to uphold. With our innovative plant-based ingredients, we are happy to help you fully meet your customers’ expectations.

Why work with Schouten?

Our high-quality range for the food industry

Schouten has decades of experience in the food industry and retail. This is reflected in our development, production, and logistics processes, as well as in our wide range of products and services.

Our food industry clients

Schouten is a preferred partner for many brand name and private label producers. We would like to share a few inspiring client cases with you.

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