Why choose products made from plant-based proteins?

As tasty and nutritious as meat may be, if global demand continues to grow, we will run out of agricultural space and the environment will be overwhelmed. Products made from plant-based proteins are a sustainable alternative and can be incorporated into a healthy and balanced diet.

Global meat consumption by 2050

Waarom producten op basis van plantaardige eiwitten? Why choose products made from plant-based proteins?

It is estimated that there will be nearly 10 billion people on earth by 2050. As the world population increases, so will the number of growing economies, and consequently, more and more people will be able to afford meat. If all these people start eating meat according to western standards, in 2050 we would need at least two Earths to meet their requirements. So, plant-based alternatives for animal proteins are critical.

Why choose products made from plant-based proteins?

What are the disadvantages of eating meat?

1. Keeping too much livestock contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

2. The excess of manure also causes problems. For example, because too much ammonia is released.

3. This ammonia can react in the air to form fine dust.

4. The incorrect use of antibiotics can lead to the resistance of bacteria. *

If we do nothing:

  • the global demand for meat will be millions of tons higher than it is now;
  • 76% more meat will be eaten in 2050 than in 2007.

Source: Livestock production increasingly shifting to landless systems

Waarom producten op basis van plantaardige eiwitten? Why choose products made from plant-based proteins?
Schouten specialist in plant-based products - Vegan Crispy Chickenless Dippers

What can we do?

Are plant-based proteins the solution?

One of the things you can do is eat less meat. Eating less meat has a positive effect on the environment. Forty percent of the greenhouse gases released during the production of food for the average Dutch person is caused by meat.

Replacing meat with plant-based proteins is therefore a good alternative. Looking for tasty products made with plant-based proteins?


* Milieucentraal

**Livestock production increasingly shifting to landless systems

3x better for the world

Less meat and more plant-based products is better for the world in three ways:

Better for animal welfare

Better for human health

eating less meat is better for nature

Better for nature and the environment

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