Why plant-based protein foods?

Sustainability refers to the current requirements that people have and how this can be implemented in the future without risk for the people, the environment, or the economy. In this context the reduction of global meat consumption is a very important issue.


By 2050, there are expected to be 9 billion people on Earth. In addition, people in countries with a growing economy (such as China) will be more affluent than now, making meat more affordable for them. If all these people eat meat at the same rate as the West does, then we would need at least two Earths in 2050 to fulfill these needs.


More plant-based proteins

For many people, eating meat is a pleasure. However, it would be preferable if humanity were to consume more vegetable protein:

In 2050 the global demand for meat will have increased by millions of tons compared to today. Compared to 2007, the demand for meat will have increased by 76% in 2050. However, this demand cannot be met in a sustainable way and that is why a plant-based alternative for animal proteins is required. 


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