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Our plant-based product range for the Out of Home channel

This probably sounds familiar: an increasing number of customers and consumers want to put more healthier, plant-based meals on the menu. At Schouten, we want to help you meet this demand. With our standard range, you will have high-quality plant-based products in no time. Below, we highlight all the products from our standard range

Looking for a small amount of products? A single box or a few boxes?

Whether you run a restaurant or a food truck, customers are increasingly choosing vegetarian or vegan options. With Schouten’s plant-based products, you treat them to even more choices and tasty menu options. In order to provide you with the best possible service, you can order our products through our regional distributors, with whom we work closely.

The power of our standard product range

Schouten: Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Optimisation for enduring success on the retail shelf

A boost for turnover and image

Schouten Europe: specialist in plant-based protein products: short time to market

Fast turnaround times

Ready to take on the world Is

Based on 30 years experience

Quality comes first

Customised packaging

Vegan Crispy Coated Chickenless Patty - Our plant-based product range for the Out of Home channel

A boost for turnover and image

Our extensive range consists of ready-to-use products that have not only proven their taste and sales success but also underline that your company is committed to sustainability.

Fast turnaround times

Of course, responding to the market quickly is important. That’s why all of our processes are aimed at keeping lead times short. Choosing something from our standard product range allows you to adapt quickly.

Find out more about our product range and customisation

Are you in need of plant-based quality products that you can introduce quickly, that will increase your turnover, and that will underline your commitment to sustainability? Contact us about your needs. We would be happy to tell you about our product range as well as about the customisation possibilities we offer. Email Rhodé (Sales Support Specialist) directly at rhode.meijers-schouten@schoutenfood.com.

Ready to take on the world

Is your business active around the globe? Then you might be pleased to know that Schouten is familiar with all the ins and outs of international laws and regulations. We can gladly help you choose the most suitable product. Or we can adapt it for you so that it can go around the world. 

Based on 30 years experience

Behind every Schouten product, there are over 30 years of experience in plant-based R&D, production, and logistics. For you, this means an advantage in terms of flavour, preparation, and success.

Quality comes first

Your reputation is our reputation. That’s why we focus on quality. Our products are made from only the best protein sources such as soy, wheat, peas, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Customised packaging

Even our standard product range offers an array of choices. Take packaging, for example. Do you want bulk packaging or tailored packaging? Our packing expertise is at your service.

Looking for customisation?

Thanks to three R&D teams, we ensure a super-fast process from idea to product. Read more about tailor-made recipes.


  • “Schouten is proactive when it comes to product improvement and is focused on both product quality and efficiency. It is an exemplary supplier in terms of our long-term relationship.”

    Martijn Jacobs, senior strategic sourcing manager at IPC EMEA
  • “Schouten has been producing various products for us for several years now. Recently, a number of products have been added to this. Deliveries of orders always go according to agreement.”

    International Foodservice Company
  • “Schouten is proactive when it comes to product improvement and is focused on both product quality and efficiency. They listened to our concerns, acted by investing significantly in the right areas and have given us confidence in their abilities.”

    John Woods, Strategic Sourcing Manager at IPC EMEA
  • Schouten: Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Sander Beelen, productontwikkelaar bij De Menken Keuken

    “We had already tested many recipes for vegan tuna salad, but the one with Vegan Green Tuna from Schouten was the best.”

    Sander Beelen, Product Developer at De Menken Keuken
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