Schouten: food specialists since 1893

What started as a family business has, in 2022, grown into a globally active business at the forefront of the development, production and packaging of plant-based products.

Pioneers and innovators since 1893

The Schouten family business has been characterised by a spirit of pioneering and innovation since its very inception. In 1893, Klaas Schouten started as a baker who, in addition to bread, also sold cattle feed. From 1930, the family business changed course and concentrated for years on the trade in raw materials and cattle feed.

Eigenaar Henk Schouten, hier met zijn kinderen Wouter en Rhodé, bracht GoodBite twintig jaar geleden op de markt - about us

This was followed by a turnaround in 1990, when great-grandson Henk Schouten started with the development of meat substitutes based on plant-based proteins. In doing so, he was streaks ahead of other companies. His rationale: it is much more efficient and sustainable if you convert raw vegetable material directly into food for people.

Always searching for new sustainable and tasty meat substitutes

 These days the family business operates worldwide and is a leading player in the market for vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes. Henk’s enthusiasm has never waned. Together with his children, Niek-Jan, Peter, Rhodé and Wouter, he works continuously on new sustainable and tasty plant-based products.

Schouten Europe: manufacturer vega en vegan meat substitutes: Vegan chicken burger - about us
About us - Niekjan product developer

In order to gain knowledge and inspiration, they look at different traditions and cultures with an open mind. All new impressions and spotted trends are unerringly translated by them into innovative products and initiatives. This means that the family business also has its feet firmly rooted on the ground for the future.

Henk Schouten and his children:

About us

“Those who hold onto their vision make dreams come true”

Henk Schouten – Chairman sfc
About us

At home in any sector

Schouten works closely together with, a.o.

Flexibility and continuity in production

Our extensive network of specialised partners offers us flexibility and enables us to always deliver and scale-up quickly when required.

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About us

Active worldwide

We are proud of being able to deliver our plant-based products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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