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At Schouten, we stand for the quality of our plant-based products and all logistic and production processes involved. We, therefore, work exclusively with carefully selected and trustworthy suppliers. Whether it’s about ingredients and packaging or about transport, everything needs to be organised meticulously.

Various plant-based proteins

A careful selection process for our new suppliers

When selecting new partners we don’t take it lightly. With our meticulous selection process for suppliers of, for instance, raw materials, packaging and materials we guarantee quality, authenticity and food safety of all vegetarian and vegan products we deliver to you.

Premix supplier Huijbregts Groep: “We aim for operational excellence”

For our premixes such as spice mixtures, we have been working with the powder raw material mixers of the Huijbregts Groep from Helmond for many years. Like Schouten, they are a family business that stands for quality, food safety, and transparency. Thanks to Huijbregts’ strict checks before, during and after the mixing process, we—and you as a customer—know for sure that we only use safe and high-quality ingredients.

“Schouten’s recipes are sacred to us”

Commercial director Hein Hamelijnck says: “The recipe that Schouten supplies to us is sacred to us. If they want us to use brand A potato starch, we stock it. We do not deviate from that recipe. This way, Schouten and Schouten’s customers can always count on the same quality.”

In the picture:

In the picture: Hein Hamelijnck, Commercial Director

An annual evaluation of our current suppliers

At least once a year, our management, together with the Purchase and Quality department, evaluates our suppliers. We check whether they fulfil their (contract) obligations and whether the quality of the delivered product meets the set standards. Of course, we also take your experiences and opinion into account in our assessment.

We focus on the following during the evaluation:

  • the qualification of the supplier to deliver the product or service
  • the quality of the plant-based product or service
  • complaints and discrepancies
  • fulfilling the planning
  • the documentation
  • the communication

Safety in continuity

We order products, packaging and labels as much as possible from the same suppliers. For certain raw materials or services we work with several suppliers. This makes sure that we spread the risks and you are assured of continuity regarding the supply of our meat substitutes.

More information regarding our suppliers

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