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Production and logistics

No need to worry about production and logistics

Retail is detail. That is why at Schouten, we pay just as much attention to production and logistics as we do recipe composition. With access to numerous production techniques, excellent quality control, and full logistical support, we treat your private label as if it were our own brand. So your product is always on the right shelf at the right time.

Our production and logistics for your retail success:

Geen omkijken naar productie en logistiek - No need to worry about production and logistics. Productie plant-based balls

Continuity in production

At Schouten, we work together with a variety of production partners. All of them have extensive machine parks and production lines. This give us – and you – access to all processing methods and ensures continuity, which is vital in retail.

international-featured-standards-ifs-logo- Geen omkijken naar productie en logistiek - No need to worry about production and logistics

GFSI certified and 100% vegetarian/vegan

Important for your shoppers: our GFSI-certified production sites always maintain a strict separation between vegetarian and vegan products and other product types. In fact, a number of production sites exclusively produce plant-based products. Schouten is unique in this respect.

Remco Nijssen - Account Manager

Learn about our production and logistics capabilities

Want to know more about how we seamlessly connect production and logistics processes to retail needs? Contact us We are happy to provide you an overview of all the options.

Remco Nijssen - Account Manager
No need to worry about production and logistics

Worldwide quality control

At Schouten, we know how important consistent quality is for your business. No matter where you are in the world, our R&D Department is present during all trial productions and our Quality Department oversees the first packaging run. No matter what, we assess a sample of each batch. So you can be sure that customers can enjoy your vegan or veggie product without any worries.

Geen omkijken naar productie en logistiek

On demand delivery

The right product in the right supermarket at the right time. Schouten fulfils this promise with international logistics flows geared to retail. For carriage paid deliveries, we work together with our logistics partners for transport by truck, container ship, or air freight. Do you want to pick up your orders on site? This can be done in cooperation with you.

Supply Chain Management

Management Simple ordering processes, fast deliveries worldwide, high delivery reliability, and clear information. Our Supply Chain Department ensures that everything runs smoothly and that you always know where your order is. We even apply the latest GS1 standards for full traceability from farm to shelf. Do you want to outsource customs clearance? We will be happy to arrange this for you: We are AEO certified.

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