Privacy Statement

Schouten Europe B.V. collects personal data. The way in which this is done is set out in this Privacy Statement. It applies both when the personal data are collected from the data subject and when the personal data are not obtained from the data subject.

Identity and contact details of the controller

The controller responsible for the processing of the personal data is Schouten Europe B.V., registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 18059439, with its registered office at Burgstraat 12 in Giessen, the Netherlands, available via phone number 0183-446390 and email

Data Protection Officer

Schouten Europe B.V. has not appointed a data protection officer.

Categories of personal data and processing purposes

Schouten Europe B.V. processes the following data for the following purposes:

First name and/or surname Contacting
E-mail addressContacting/sending e-mail (when registered for newsletters)
Telephone number Contacting

Legal grounds

Schouten Europe B.V. processes personal data if permission has been given for this. This is the case, for example, when a contact form on the website is completed. Schouten Europe B.V. also processes personal data when this is necessary to effect or perform an agreement with a client and/or supplier. This is the case, for example, when a quotation is requested, when an order is placed or when Schouten Europe B.V. places an order itself. In such event, Schouten Europe B.V. will request permission for processing where possible. The legal ground(s) for processing therefore is/are (i) permission and/or (ii) that processing is required for the performance of an agreement to which the data subject is party, or that processing takes place at the request of the data subject in view of concluding an agreement.


In certain cases, Schouten Europe B.V. will share personal data with parties which process the relevant data at its request. These parties are called ‘controllers’. Schouten Europe B.V. does not intend to share personal data with other parties, so-called ‘recipients’.

If you have accepted our tracking cookies, we will share a unique identifier with Google Adwords and Vakmedianet

Passing on personal data to ‘third countries’ or international organisations

‘Third countries’ are all countries outside the EU, except for the countries in the European Economic Area (EEA). These are Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Schouten Europe B.V. passes personal data on to a single third country, which is the United States. The party involved from the United States (Mailchimp) is affiliated with the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Retention period

Schouten Europe B.V. stores the data it collects for different periods of time, depending on the data category and the way in which they are collected.

The data being collected by means of the (contact) forms on the website will be stored for a period of five years. The data being collected by means of cookies on the website will be stored for a period as stated in the Cookie Statement (see elsewhere on this website).

Insofar as there is no actual retention period set for certain data in this Statement, a time period of no more than one year after the expiry of (i) the duration of the relationship with the data subject or (ii) any applicable legal retention period. Subsequently, the personal data will be destroyed.

Data subject rights

You may submit a request to Schouten Europe B.V. to inspect, receive or change your personal data, or to have them removed. You may also raise an objection against (further) processing of your data. If Schouten Europe B.V. processes your data on the basis of your permission, you may withdraw this permission at any time. For all these matters and for any further questions, please contact Schouten Europe B.V. at Schouten Europe B.V. will respond to your message within one month.

If, in your opinion, Schouten Europe B.V. acts contrary to the law and regulations in effect regarding personal data, you may lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (PO Box 93374, 2509 AJ THE HAGUE).

Automated Decisions

No automated decisions take place at Schouten Europe B.V.


Schouten Europe B.V. has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures for the protection of your personal data.

For the processing of data, Schouten Europe B.V. uses services by third parties, called processors. We have a processing agreement with the processor.

It will be necessary to change this Statement from time to time. Schouten Europe B.V. is entitled to do so. We recommend that you occasionally check this Statement for any changes.

Version 1, dated 24/04/2018