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In 2050 we must share a planet, with more people, who have more to spend, and which is already being overexploited. In order to feed all these people, a switch to a green economic model is the only option. We must make choices that allow us to live within the limits of the planet and in harmony with nature. Humanity can contribute to this by eating less meat. Good meat substitutes are therefore essential to continue to provide humanity with the necessary nutrients such as protein, iron and vitamins.

With our vegetarian and vegan products we help the world to make more sustainable food choices. In the production of our meat substitutes, we therefore consider it only natural to also act sustainably in our business operations. We like to share with you our picks for more sustaiablity.

Our efforts for sustainability:

GPA-Green Protein Alliance
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Sustainable soy (RTRS)

More sustainable packaging choices

Member of the Green Protein Alliance

Food Valley Membership

Lots of our products contain soy. We like to ensure that our soy is sustainable, therefore we are a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS). Within this international platform, soy producers, the soy trade, the processing industry, banks and civil society organisations work together on sustainability criteria for global soy cultivation. The platform also monitors its implementation in practice.

With our delicious plant-based products, we tempt consumers worldwide to make more sustainable choices. We not only produce our meat and fish substitutes in the most sustainable way possible but also make clearer, greener choices in the choice of packaging and packaging materials.

Schouten has joined, along with other frontrunners in the food industry, the Green Protein Alliance (GPA). Within this alliance, retail, catering and food producers want to give the consumption of vegetable protein a large boost.

We are also a member of Food Valley, an (inter)national business network that supports innovations and market introductions in the field of plant-based products. All members work together on the protein transition.

Schouten Specialist in the development of plant-based products - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil
Our picks for more sustainability - MVO Logo Nederland
Sustainbale packaging"Our picks for more sustainability

Sustainable palm oil (RSPO)

Partner of MVO Nederland

Bean Deal

More sustainable packaging materials

At the moment we only have a few products that contain palm oil. However, we think it’s important that the palm oil used in our products is produced in a sustainable way. That is why we are a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). In production, we use segregated palm oil from a RSPO-certified supplier. In time, all palm oil from our products will be replaced.

As a partner of MVO Nederland, the largest sustainable business network in the Netherlands, we weigh up the social and economic effects of every business decision.

Schouten Europe is one of 56 partners of the Bean Deal. The Bean Deal is part of the National Protein Strategy. Its goal is to scale up the Dutch cultivation and processing of protein-rich crops, primarily intended for human consumption, with a focus on nitrogen-fixing leguminous crops.

The packaging in which we store our products are made of PET/pe material, this is recyclable.

Working with sustainable transport: Our picks for more sustainability

Sustainable transport

CHIEF: towards a faster protein transition

Protein from chicken-friendly eggs

We only outsource our transport to partners who are willing to:

  • separate and minimise waste streams;
  • re-use plastic packaging;
  • are committed to limiting CO2 emissions;
  • and use trucks that emit less.

Director Henk Schouten is founder and co-initiator of CHIEF: Centre for Help with Innovation, Education and Fascination Plant-based Proteins. A local initiative that aims to stimulate a more sustainable and healthier diet by speeding up the protein transition.

Our vegetarian products contain egg protein from free-range chickens, one of the most chicken-friendly eggs. Schouten is, in that regard, at the forefront of the meat replacement industry.

More information about our sustainability efforts

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