The history of Schouten

Schouten is a family company that is part of the Schouten group. The emergence of the first Schouten company dates back to 1893. The great-grandfather of the current Director of Schouten Europe started a bakery back then.


­1893: Klaas Schouten established himself as a baker selling bread and animal feed. Burgstraat, Giessen (NL)

­1930: Marinus, Bart and Otto Schouten extended the business with a mill and a blending location. Burgstraat, Giessen (NL)

­1956: For the quality control of products, a laboratory was established. Burgstraat, Giessen (NL)

­1958: Compound feed location for pressed animal feed was built. Hoge Maasdijk, Andel (NL)

­1965: Nico Schouten expanded the business now called Schouten Giessen with the international trade in cereal and oil seeds.

­1969: Silos were built in Munnikenland. Later a toastery for beans is added. Munnikenland, Poederooijen (NL)

­1990: Henk Schouten, son of Nico, was the first Dutchman who developed plant-based protein products as substitutes for meat. Henk founded Schouten Europe. Burgstraat, Giessen (NL)

­2010: Wouter, Niek-Jan, Rhodé and Peter Schouten entered the company and used the knowledge of previous generations for R&D and innovation.

­2016: Since 2016, the company has grown strongly and expanded to the Middle East, India and the US. Burgstraat, Giessen (NL)

­Present: Schouten delivers to 50 countries worldwide. Burgstraat, Giessen (NL)