PMycoproteine Blokjes

Schouten Europe introduces meat substitutes based on mycoprotein

Schouten Europe announces during the 2024 Dutch Meat and Dairy-Free Week the addition of mycoprotein products to its range. Schouten takes this step in line with its vision to develop tasty, minimally processed, and nutritionally complete products based on plant-based proteins with a low footprint.

Happy World Tuna Day

World Tuna Day

Today is World Tuna Day: a UN initiative aiming to raise awareness about sustainable fishing. No better time to put our plant-based product, Vegan Green Tuna, in the spotlight.

AH vegan tonijn - Vegan Green Tuna - witrand

Client case: AH Vegan Tuna salad

De Menken Keuken has been supplying food products for over forty years. One of the more successful product innovations is AH Vegan Tuna Salad with Schouten’s Vegan Green Tuna.