Vegan Homestyle Coated Chickenless Nuggets (20 g)

“A unique plant-based nugget thanks to its distinctive coating.”

The most important product information at a glance:

  • The homestyle coating is a breadcrumb coating that provides a deliciously crispy and juicy bite. The chicken on the inside is extremely tender and has a light, fresh taste.
  • Nutri-Score A
  • Vegan 
  • Based on: gluten, soya protein and pea protein 
  • High in protein
  • Source of fibres
  • Salt content: 1.02 gr per 100 gr
  • Weight per nugget: 20 gr
  • Serving tip: Serve these nuggets as a snack or side dish. 
  • Trend: plant-based chicken is the most popular meat substitute. In addition, the ‘Shifting Occasions’ food trends are resulting in the consumption of more and more plant-based snacks.
  • Packaging options: Frozen: CE 180 g (9 pcs) – 3 kg food service – 10 kg bulk
  • Recommended method of preparation: Oven

This Homestyle Coated Nugget is a perfect addition to any get-together

These vegan nuggets have a homestyle coating, giving them a rustic look and flavour. Homestyle coated nuggets have a characteristic extra crispy outside and a slightly peppery taste. They also have a beautiful white interior.

These nuggets are perfect for a snack board or as a side dish

Our tasty homestyle coated nuggets are an ideal snack. They fit perfectly on a vegan snack board or as plant-based starters.

Plant-based chicken: the most popular meat substitute

Plant-based chicken is the most popular meat alternative. As a result of the “Shifting Occasions” food trend, we also see that snacking is becoming increasingly meat-free. These nuggets fit into both trends and are a distinctive addition to the existing range of nuggets.

All ingredients at a glance:

Water, wheat flour, vegetable oils (corn and sunflower, in varying proportions), 13% vegetable proteins (wheat gluten, soy protein isolate, pea protein), wheat fibre, wheat starch, natural flavour, thickener (methyl cellulose), spices, sea salt, modified wheat starch, lemon juice, raising agents (diphosphates, sodium carbonates), salt, stabiliser (methyl cellulose), spices, colouring agent (paprika extract).

Packaging options

  • CE 180 g – Food Service – Bulk
  • Frozen

Recommended method of preparation

  • Oven (recommended)
  • Fryer
  • Air fryer

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