Nutrilab B.V.

Schouten works with Nutrilab B.V. to safeguard food safety standards.

Nutrilab B.V. is an independent commercial laboratory which conducts assessments to identify and safeguard the quality of foodstuffs.

Nutrilab enables Schouten to provide efficient analysis within the following analysis categories:  

  • Allergens
  • NIR
  • Microscopic assessment
  • Physical assessment
  • Microbiological assessment  
  • Chemical analysis assessment
  • Biomolecular diagnostics
  • Other services

Schouten employs its own 5-member quality control team. This team maintains contact with Nutrilab B.V. and provides our customers with quick and transparent feedback.

For more information concerning our quality control team, our collaboration with Nutrilab or other matters related to food quality standards, please feel free to contact us.


Do you prefer direct contact?

+31 (0)183 44 63 90
Burgstraat 12, 4283 GG, Giessen, The Netherlands

Our experts

Laura van Tiel
QA/QC Manager
Sanne Jager - Sr. QA/QC Specialist
Sanne Jager
Senior QA specialist

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