Clientcase: Schouten mini-falafel in QiZini wraps

In 2011, Greencore Nederland and Johma Sandwiches joined together to form QiZiNi. Over the years, the ‘friendly food company’ became a major convenience food player. Read the client case where René van Vulpen, Product Development Manager at Qizini, talks about their successful journey with Schouten to develop a new vega wrap.

Colruyt is switching to a sustainable tray

Supermarket giant Colruyt has been living up to its slogan ‘Lowest prices’ for years. In addition to attractive prices, the Belgian family business also has an eye for sustainability. For example, the chain asked Schouten to package their plant-based products more sustainably from now on. A label has replaced the cardboard sleeve, and the tray is now 100% recyclable.

Marley Spoon: “Het is prettig werken met het tofublok van Schouten”

Client case: Marley Spoon

The home-delivered meal box is becoming increasingly popular. Category manager Marijn ter Horst of Marley Spoon talks about choosing Schouten and the success of the formula.

AH vegan tonijn - Vegan Green Tuna - witrand

Client case: AH Vegan Tuna salad

De Menken Keuken has been supplying food products for over forty years. One of the more successful product innovations is AH Vegan Tuna Salad with Schouten’s Vegan Green Tuna.

Jumbo supermarkets- Nico Wormgoor

Client case: Jumbo Veggie Chef

The requests we receive vary enormously. As a result, when supermarket chain Jumbo asked us to contribute ideas about new vegetarian products, we were more than enthusiastic!

Various Legumes

Client case: A-Brand Poduct Development

This client operates worldwide producing various top-brand products. They wanted to introduce a vegetarian product range in the European retail sector, thereby improving the vegetarian selection available to consumers.

Client case: HAK

As happens with many consumers, many companies are increasingly aware that a shift from animal protein to vegetable protein is…