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German food service group chooses Schouten for continuity, optimisation, and innovation

A few years ago, a leading German food service giant came knocking on Schouten’s door. The company was looking for a solid production partner for its plant-based products.

Schouten Europe- Specialist in plant-based protein: Meat substitutes - vegan Tempeh

Client case: Huhtahyvät

At Schouten, we have a wide customer base with a variety of requests. For example, one day we may be…

Jumbo supermarkets- Nico Wormgoor

Client case: Jumbo Veggie Chef

The requests we receive vary enormously. As a result, when supermarket chain Jumbo asked us to contribute ideas about new vegetarian products, we were more than enthusiastic!

green vegetables

The case: Plant-based customisation for international chain

We serve a variety of clients, both multinationals as well as smaller retailers in the food industry. Keep reading to find out about our partnership with an international client who wants to expand the menu in their restaurants with vegetarian and vegan products.

Various Legumes

Client case: A-Brand Poduct Development

This client operates worldwide producing various top-brand products. They wanted to introduce a vegetarian product range in the European retail sector, thereby improving the vegetarian selection available to consumers.

Marfo - meat substitutes

Client case: Marfo Food Group

There’s a whole process that precedes the production of a single nut hamburger or slice of vegetarian ham for a…

Client case: Larco

Client case: The Larco Foods vegetarian cooking sauce

Together with one of our new clients – Larco Foods – we started a process that contributes to a superior-quality cooking sauce.

Client case: HAK

As happens with many consumers, many companies are increasingly aware that a shift from animal protein to vegetable protein is…