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How does it work?

Simply throw the Blossombs into your garden or place them in containers. Perfect for adding color to a bare patch of land (do not use in nature conservation areas). Blossombs do not need covering but can be pressed lightly into the soil. Water with a watering can or wait for it to rain and after a few days the Blossombs will ‘burst’ open and seedlings will emerge.

The first flowers will appear after 8 weeks. Be patient, let nature take its course and very soon you, the bees and butterflies can enjoybeautiful wildflowers.

Throw, water, grow!

Sowing time: March to September.
If sown later in the season, the seeds will germinate next spring. Blossombs have a 2-year shelf life.

Blossombs Bombs Flower Bombs

Blossom bombs are made from natural clay, organic wildflower seeds and natural color pigments. Blossombs keep for over 2 years and produce flowers from spring through fall that attract bees and butterflies. That nourishment is incredibly important for improved biodiversity!

The organic flower seed mix includes: Inkarnate clover, Greater cheeseweed, Greater poppy, Lesser pimpernel, Cornflower, Coriander, Persian clover, Phacelia, Flax, Huttentut, White clover, Black cumin, Lemon yellow honey clover, Yellow goosefoot, Caraway, Big sand cabbage, Wild chicory, Common daisy, Yarrow, Red clover, True chamomile, Narrow plantain and Sareptamosterd.

Some seeds sprout in spring, others in summer or even after. That way the bees (and you, too) can enjoy flowers all season long.