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The tastiest plant-based protein products

Looking for plant-based protein products?

Looking for plant-based protein-products? Look no further. Schouten is your reliable and experienced partner. We produce plant-based protein products in Europe and distribute these products around the world. We currently supply our plant-based protein products in more than 50 countries.

Plant-based proteinproducts in all shapes and sizes

Schouten is one of the largest suppliers of plant-based protein products in the world. From burgers, schnitzels, snacks and sausages to falafel, tofu and tempeh. We deliver the highest quality. There is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for within our product range. Or are you looking for something more specific? Then we’re happy to go over that with you. Our experienced team of product developers is ready to help you out.

plant-based protein Europe

OUR R&D for your succes

Innovation is top priority at Schouten. And this is obvious. With three specialised R&D teams, we are able to respond to any request and any trend. Whether it is a matter of developing a new plant-based protein product or optimisation because of legislation and regulations or customised products, you will always have the right R&D specialist at your disposal. Download below the 3 three main trends in plant-based protein products.

    Plant-based: Three important trends.

    Interested in plant-based protein products? At Schouten, we closely monitor the most important developments in the market. Please download our white paper now and discover three important trends in the market.

    Innovation in plant-based protein products in Europe

    Our Research & Innovation team is focused exclusively on innovation. This allows us to surprise our customers time and again with new developments. We like to draw inspiration from and explore new raw materials and production techniques from all over the world.

    R&D plant-based product development - plant-based protein Europe-EN

    Collaboration in plant-based protein products

    Collaboration with Schouten can be done in many ways. Our aim is always to act as your strategic partner. In this way, we can provide you with high-quality plant-based protein products over a longer period of time. In addition, we would like to get to know our customers well, so that we can respond even better to their wishes and needs.

    plant-based protein Europe

    Partner in plant-based protein

    Schouten’s headquarters are in the Netherlands, the birthplace of plant-based protein products. With our various specialised production sites, we provide you with the best plant-based protein products. We primarily supply under private labels and strive for long-term cooperation.

    Plant-based protein Europe

    We expect the plant-based protein market in Europe to continue to develop in the coming years. We like to monitor the latest trends and developments and regularly share these with our purchasers. This keeps us all on the ball, and we quickly respond to new opportunities in the market together.

    Schouten Specialist in the development of plant-based products - Plant-based protein industry insights