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Schouten is certified according to the globally recognized GSFI. Our products are produced in certified production sites that meet the highest quality requirements. We are also AEO-certified.

With our careful selection procedure for suppliers of raw materials, packaging and materials, for example, we guarantee the quality, authenticity and food safety of all vega and vegan products that we supply to you.

Mark van Noorloos - Commercial Manager

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Mark van Noorloos - Commercial Manager
Schouten: Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: family Schouten

Our family business is not the largest provider, but is characterized by 100% tailor-made solutions, flexibility, and knowledge of the plant-based market. Schouten: pioneer and innovator for 30 years.

we strive for social development and equality in the society

image of Jeroen Willemsen

“I expect, no, I know, that the experienced and new generation of Schouten will continue to surprise us with plant-based delicacies. This makes it easy for all world citizens to start or continue to eat a more plant-based diet”

Jeroen Willemsen  |  National Protein Commissioner of the Netherlands.

Client Cases

  • QiZiNi: “We are already adding Schouten’s mini-falafel to four veggie wraps.”

    In 2011, Greencore Nederland and Johma Sandwiches joined together to form QiZiNi. Over the years, the ‘friendly food company’ became a major convenience food player. Their rolls, sandwiches and convenience meals find their way to consumers through private labels and their own brands. Product Development Manager René van Vulpen went looking for a mini-falafel that Schouten could supply to respond to customer demand for a new veggie wrap. Schouten could provide those. René talks about a very successful process.

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  • Schouten: Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: sustainable packaging Colruyt

    Colruyt is making the switch to sustainable packaging with the help of Schouten

    Sustainable packaging is no longer just a ‘nice to have’; it’s now a real ‘must-have’. That’s why Colruyt has asked Schouten to package their plant-based products more sustainably from now on. A label has replaced the cardboard sleeve, and the tray is now 100% recyclable. Curious what we can do for you? Read the client case study for Colruyt, they already preceded you.

    Curious what we can do for you?
  • Marley Spoon: “Het is prettig werken met het tofublok van Schouten”

    Marley Spoon: “It is a pleasure to work with Schouten’s tofu block”

    The home-delivered meal box is becoming increasingly popular. They have also noticed this at Marley Spoon. Every week, around 30,000 meal boxes are sent to customers in the Netherlands who choose from thirty delicious recipes, of which seven are already vegetarian. Schouten recently began supplying the vegan tofu in the boxes. Category manager Marijn ter Horst of Marley Spoon talks about choosing Schouten and the success of the formula.

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  • AH vegan tonijn - Vegan Green Tuna - witrand

    De Menken Keuken selects Vegan Green Tuna for Albert Heijn

    After testing and tasting, the Menken Keuken opts for the vegan Green Tuna from Schouten. With this, De Menken Keuken now produces one of the more successful product innovations for Albert Heijn: The vegan tuna salad.

    Discover why Menken chose Schouten’s Vegan Green Tuna.

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  • Schouten: Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Girl eating an plant based burger.

    German food service giant chooses Schouten

    Schouten optimised various products from the customer’s existing assortment for Germany’s largest food service group. Recipes were further developed – to reduce salt, for example – and some products were counter-typed. The successful optimisation prompted the German group to also use us for translating kitchen recipes into scalable recipes. Read more about this tasty and inspiring collaboration.

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  • Schouten: Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Vegetarian Stir-Fry Strips

    The vegetarian cooking sauce by Larco Foods

    Larco Foods, operators in retail, food service and industry, also became aware of the shift towards reduced meat consumption. They were approached by a Dutch retailer to develop a vegetarian cooking sauce. Larco Foods asked Schouten for advice to determine which vegetarian ingredients would be suitable for the sauce. With a successful outcome!

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  • Schouten Europe: Specialist in the development of plant-based protein products: Vegan Lentil Burger

    A more sustainable alternative in food service

    In addition to non-food products, this client also sells various food products throughout the world. Sustainability is important to them, but, until recently, they also sold a large number of meat products. For this reason, it was decided to adapt the menu and to offer more vegetarian options. Everything within this range had to contain as few allergens as possible.

    Together we retreated to the kitchen to test and refine different recipes. The result: various successful products and more products in the pipeline.

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  • Schouten Specialist in the development of plant-based products - vegan vegetable balls

    Product development for a worldwide A-brand

    Over the past few years, the market for plant-based protein has grown considerably. Ever-increasing numbers of consumers are searching for an alternative to meat. This client operates worldwide and produces various A-brand products. The client intends to introduce a distinctive vegetarian product range to the European retail market. The meatballs, sausages and burgers are legume-based products. The client had already conceived a number of tasty concepts. We industrialise these recipes with some modifications here and there. A culinary product is, after all, not automatically suitable for development on a large scale.

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