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The Schouten team specializes in the development, production and packaging of plant-based protein. In 1893 our business started as a family bakery in the Netherlands and was active in the trading of raw materials and livestock feeds for many years. Through this experience, we gained significant knowledge in plant-based proteins and realized that converting plant-based proteins into food for human consumption could be a much more efficient and sustainable approach.

We also saw the environmental strain that the increased consumption of animal protein was beginning to have on our planet. Thus, the Schouten business refocused commercial efforts to plant-based protein, and in 1990 we became the first Dutch company to develop plant-based meat from vegetable protein. Today, our business is run by the fifth and sixth generations of the Schouten family in Giessen, a small-town south of Amsterdam.

Henk Schouten and his three sons Peter, Niek-Jan en Wouter. Daughter Rhodé rejoined the company last year

Active Worldwide

Since that humble beginning we have steadily grown and now do business in 50 countries with four Schouten teams worldwide. Schouten USA was formed in 2015 to place a dedicated local team in the United States, responsible for managing the emerging growth of plant-based protein foods in North America.

Schouten supplies vegetarian products in more than 50 countries

Your Veggie Food Partner

No matter where you partner with us the Schouten approach is the same around the world: we build successful long-term relationships with retailers, foodservice operators and food manufacturers to develop custom, delicious plant-based foods for their customers. Contact us today to get started!

Why Schouten?

The advantages of partnering with Schouten are:

  • Nearly thirty years of experience commercializing plant-protein foods
  • Many successful, long-term partnerships with some of the world’s most well-known retailers, foodservice operators and industry partners
  • A specialized network of production locations allowing for an efficient, flexible approach
  • Dedicated R&D team providing rapid market introduction
  • Extensive knowledge of raw materials, finished products, processes, and the market.
  • Varied and wide range of stock products and capabilities to deliver a wide range of sensory attributes.
  • Guaranteed first-rate inspection of producers, packaging locations, and suppliers of raw materials, based on the highest quality standards.
  • Cooperation with Nutrilab B.V. in the area of food safety and analysis.


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Paul van Vuuren
Productions and Logistics
Sanne Jager
Senior QA specialist
Arjaan van der Giessen
Commercial Director

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