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Plant-based in the Netherlands

Plant-based protein initiatives in the Netherlands

The plant-based protein products market is growing signifcantly. Not only with meat substitutes on the supermarket shelves but also in other categories in the Dutch retail market. Consumers opt for plant-based alternatives for various reasons. Not only vegans and vegetarians choose plant-based proteins. The number of flexitarians has increased significantly over the past years, and they also opt for a plant-based protein product a few days per week.

From meat to ‘plant-based protein’

The world population is expected to increase to almost 10 billion people by 2050. In 2030, some 3 billion people will have joined the middle classes as their countries prosper. This results in increased meat consumption. If all these people start eating meat according to western standards, we would need at least two Earths to meet their requirements. That’s why it would be better for man, animal and environment if man were to have a diet based on more plant-based protein products.

Plant-based protein Netherlands- Met de huidige ontwikkelingen zijn erin 2050 2 wereldbollen nodig om iedereen aan hun behoefte te voldoen

The rise of plant-based protein in the Dutch retail market

There is a vast growth of plant-based protein in the retail market in the Netherlands. Increasing numbers of plant-based protein products are not limited to meat substitutes on the supermarket shelves in the Netherlands. An increasing number of plant-based options are also found on dairy shelves and among various ice cream brands.

Retail turnover plant-based meat substitutes

Turnover in plant-based protein products in the Netherlands

The turnover in the plant-based protein products sector in the Netherlands has shown significant growth over the past few years. Since 2016, we have seen a rapidly increasing turnover. Do you want to learn more about plant-based protein in the retail market? Click here!

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Learn about plant-based protein products

Want to know more about plant-based protein products Netherlands, Europe or world wide? Contact us We are happy to provide you an overview of all the options.

Remco Nijssen - Account Manager

Dutch initiatives for plant-based protein

To encourage the consumption of plant-based protein in the Netherlands, several initiatives have been launched. Some initiatives are focused on growth and consumer awareness. Others are aimed at chain-wide collaboration between various parties, on both national and international level.

The National Week without Meat (NWZV)

Isabel Boerman, also known as ‘the Hip Vegetarian’, is the initiator of the NWZV.

Her company, The Green Food Lab, has organised the NWZV since 2018, with the objective of not eating meat during one week per year. In doing so, the Dutch consumer is encouraged to try eating plant-based protein products.

‘We think that eating meat on a daily basis is no longer appropriate, and we want to promote a flexitarian eating pattern, in which meat and fish are alternated with vegetarian or plant-based dishes. More days without eating meat or fish requires little effort and has an enormously positive impact on man, animal and environment.’

Isabel Boerman – founder of NWZV

The fifth edition of the NWZV will take place in March 2022.

Logo Nationale Week zonder Vlees - 
Plant-based protein Netherlands
GPA-Green Protein Alliance - Plant-based protein Netherlands

Green protein Alliance (GPA)

The aim of the GPA is to achieve a more sustainable and healthier food system. In 2025, 50% of the protein consumption must be plant-based. This now stands at 35%. This goal cannot be achieved without collaboration. The GPA supports and brings together associated parties, initiatives and organisations that are active in the plant-based protein transition process.

Zo kan het ook

The GPA, in collaboration with the Green Food Lab, has also initiated the consumer campaign #zokanhetook to encourage the Dutch consumer to eat more plant-based protein products.

Logo Zo kan het ook - Plant-based protein Netherlands
Food Valley - Plant-based protein Netherlands

Food valley

Food Valley offers a platform to an (inter)national professional network to accelerate innovation and marketintroductions. Food Valley is characterised by innovative, world-class food solutions. But also by collaboration with companies, knowledge institutions, education and authorities. Food Valley has a large number of associated parties that are involved in innovations in the plant-based protein market.

Schouten: specialist in plant-based protein in the Netherlands

You will find various plant-based protein products at Schouten. These include sausages, burgers, schnitzels, BBQ products, snacks and tempeh. These products are based on various plant-based proteins. Soy, wheat and pea proteins are common ingredients for this. The proteins from these products are well-suited to use as raw materials for producing a fibrous, meat-like structure. Would you like to learn more about plant-based protein products?

Advising customers in plant-based assortiment

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