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Plant-based protein products as ingredient

The number of products with a plant-based protein claim in the retail branch is growing strongly. Not only on the shelves with plant-based protein products, but also in other categories. Increasingly, meat is not just left out, but plant-based protein proteins are added instead.

Plant-based protein products on the market

Ready-made meals with plant-based protein ingredients

For instance, plant-based mince, falafel or plant-based chicken have been added to these:

Plant-based protein products as part of a meal component

Plant-based pieces of chicken or stir-fry strips have been used here, for instance:

Plant-based protein products as part of a snack

But also as a salad to spread on bread or as a snack:

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Remco Nijssen - Account Manager

From meat to plant-based ingredients

Despite the increased use of plant-based ingredients in the industry, many products are still based on animal proteins. When new products are developed, they are often given a limited period of time on the retail shelves to prove successful. That’s why proper knowledge of developments on the market, raw materials and product characteristics are important. Plant-based protein ingredients, for instance, react differently in a sauce than diced ham, bacon strips or minced meat of animal origin.

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Product development

The teams within our R&D department each with their own specialisation:

  • Research & Innovation Team: This team’s focus is on the development of innovative concepts, new ingredients and techniques.
  • Team Tailor made: This team works full-time on client-specific requests.
  • Team Optimisation: These product developers ensure that our range is always up-to-date.

Plant-based protein products as ingredient

We offer a wide range of plant-based protein products that are well-suited as ingredients:

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