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Schouten is a tofu manufacturer, among other things. Vegan tofu is just one of our specialities. As a tofu manufacturer we are at the centre of the market. And we are up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in this sector.

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Solutions for Retail, OOH and Food Manufacturing Industry

The development of the vegan tofu market

Schouten Plant-based product - vegan spicy tofu cubes

An innovative tofu range

Various packaging formats for tofu

Vegan Legendary Burger

More vegan products

Development Vegan Tofu - Tofu Manufacturer

Vegan tofu market development

Tofu is an organic product and a staple in vegetarian cuisine. As a tofu manufacturer, we fully understand your interest in tofu. After all, this product group is continuing to grow. Take a look at the figures on the left.

“Meat substitutes, such as tempeh and tofu are rich in proteins and minerals, as they are derived from soy. Moreover, they have become a popular meat alternative among vegetarians and vegan consumers for their health benefits, such as isoflavones and saponins.”

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Current range and joint product development

As a tofu manufacturer we offer both natural blocks and marinated products. We’re also specialists in developing new vegetarian and vegan concepts, and are happy to put our heads together with yours to do this. As a tofu manufacturer, we offer the following range of natural and marinated tofu:

Tofu Manufacturer
Tofu Manufacturer

Natural vegan tofu

This natural vegan tofu has a neutral flavour and is suitable for vegans, making it a very versatile product. It’s also low in calories and rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Available in a range of packaging types.

Marinated and flavoured vegan tofu

We can also offer products with a delicious marinade or seasoning. Available in a range of packaging types.

  • Marinated tofu block (Asian) 250 grams
Tofu Manufacturer
Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Karla Paans - Sales Assistant

Various packaging formats

As a vegan manufacturer, we are able to package our tofu in various formats, like 1 kg, 250 grams, or cut into small cubes. Talk to us to see what we can do! Contact us directly.

Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Karla Paans - Sales Assistant
Vegan tempeh cubes - just like vegan tofu

A wide range of vegan and vegetarian products

We produce a wide range of vegan and vegetarian products. From vegetarian hamburgers to vegan lentil burgers, from vegan snackballs to tempeh cubes and tofu. All of these products are available in a variety of packaging types.

Retail, OOH and food manufacturing industry

Looking for specific solutions for your branche? Here you find them!

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Quality = important

Quality is of paramount importance for all our products. As a tofu manufacturer and producer of other foods, at Schouten Europe we have very high standards for our raw materials. This is why we’re a member of platforms that develop and implement sustainable soya and palm oil growing. Our production sites are also BRC and IFS certified.

Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Karla Paans - Sales Assistant

Question? Non binding advise about tofu?

If you want to get in touch to discuss what options are available when it comes to our products, like our vegan tofu, call us on 0031 183 44 63 90 or send an email.. We usually respond in a few hours and would be delighted to come up with no-obligation ideas with you to see how we can successfully turn your ideas into reality

Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Karla Paans - Sales Assistant

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