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If you are looking for a vegetarian food supplier, then look no further than Schouten. We supply products worldwide based on vegetable proteins, such as hamburgers, sausages, snacks, tofu, and tempeh. In recent years, in addition to Europe, we have also been active in the USA. With permanent employees from the USA, we are increasingly establishing successful partnerships with parties within this market. Are you looking for a vegetarian food supplier; who can quickly provide you with your desired product? Then check out our standard range.

Schouten Europe: manufacturer vega en vegan meat substitutes: Marinated Skewers

Tailor-made vegetarian and vegan products

But even if you have a specific product request, we can be of service. One of Schouten’s strengths is in developing customer-specific products for larger food partners that set certain conditions on the recipe.

Whatever you are looking for, Schouten is the vegetarian food supplier with one of the most versatile selections in the world. Because we work with several specialised production locations, we can change gears quickly and we are flexible in the type of product that must be developed and produced.

Schouten USA – Vegan Food Supplier

In addition to vegetarian products, we also have vegan products in our range. This means that no egg protein and/or milk protein has been incorporated into the products. Completely plant based.

The number of vegan products has seen a large growth in recent years, also at Schouten. It is increasingly easier to make tasty products that are also completely plant based. However, taste always comes first with us.

Our successful collaborations with various partners, such as supermarket chains, food service companies and wholesalers, demonstrate that our products are now also catching on in the USA.

Vegan Crispy Coated Chickenless Patty
Vegetable protein manufacturer

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As a vegetarian food supplier, we continue to look for new opportunities for collaboration with partners who want to distinguish themselves in the market.

Products from a growing number of categories are being launched with vegetarian or vegan products as an ingredient. If you are curious about what we can do for you, please contact us now contact.

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