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With our plant-based products, we are making a good contribution to a greener planet. But that’s not enough for us here at Schouten. We continually review our purchasing, production, and distribution processes. What do we do to further reduce our impact on the environment? A guideline from steps we have taken:

Alles voor een groenere planeet

1. We buy our raw materials more locally

Why buy chickpeas in Canada when you can buy them in Europe? At Schouten, we make every effort to reduce the number of transport kilometres. For example, our vegetables have recently been imported from neighbouring countries, where our vegetable suppliers’ factories are located close to the harvesting fields. This is more efficient, has less impact on the environment, and is also better for product quality because the vegetables do not have to be transported as far.

2. We opt for full pallets or no pallets

We limit the number of shipments by opting for full pallets instead of half-full pallets, for example. We may stockpile a little more than we need. But it saves a lot of transport on the road. When transporting by sea container, we choose to dispense with the pallets wherever possible. This way, more can fit in a container, which ultimately saves on sea transport.

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3. We optimise our packaging

Our move to larger packaging results in fewer cartons. For example, our vinegar no longer comes in small cans but rather in a bulk container of about 1,000 litres. And for our vegetables, for example, we switched from 10-kg bags in boxes to a 20-kg bag on its own.


4. We make sure we know what we are buying

At Schouten, we purchase most of our raw materials via a single source. We also use compound premixes and marinades. We know exactly where all the raw materials come from and what their environmental impact is. This also applies to the ingredients of the composite products we buy.

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5. We have a careful selection policy for our suppliers

At Schouten, we work only with suppliers who think exactly as we do. With our careful selection and evaluation procedures, we closely monitor that our suppliers also make every effort to minimise their footprint.

Lute Stoelwinder - Buyer

Want to find out more?

Do you want to find out more about how we are working towards a greener planet? Please feel free to contact Lute Stoelwinder.

Lute Stoelwinder - Buyer