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Recalls: About prevention and being well prepared

2021 was dominated by ethylene oxide for the European food industry. At Schouten we escaped the run-around. What do we do to prevent recalls?

The most important plant-based trends for 2022

Although November is known as ‘slaughter month’, we at Schouten prefer to focus on other things. For us, it’s the month in which Innova Market Insights announces the top 10 trends for the coming year.

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The best of 2021: our top 5 product introductions

Closing out the year cannot be done without lists. That is why we would like to present you our top 5 successful product introductions for 2021.

3 new variations of vegan minced meat

You have surely noticed that meals and meal components with vegan minced meat score well. And the growth is far from over. Discover our 3 new variations of vegan minced meat here.

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Why soy is such a good meat substitute

You probably know them: vegetarian or vegetable burgers, sausages, balls, and pieces. But why is soy used for so many meat substitutes? And is that good for your health and the environment? You can read about it here!

Powder raw material mixer Huijbregts Groep: “We strive for operational excellence”

When it comes to food safety and quality, we leave nothing to chance. That is why we only work with suppliers who embrace our way of working.

Where is the vegan standard?

What makes a product vegan? And which production guidelines apply? The legislator has not yet set a definitive standard for it. Schouten is already taking a few steps forward.

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New: Pea-based Mince, the new trend in vegan mince

Vegan minced meat has been the best-seller on your vegetarian and vegan shelf for years. And the growth is far from over. This Pea-based mince Just as tasty and versatile as Vegan Mince but made from peas.

Foodsafety culture

A culture of food safety

Food safety is not only a question of strictly monitored processes—the company culture also plays an important role. This opinion is shared by legislators and certifying bodies.

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Everything for a greener planet

With our plant-based products, we are making a good contribution to a greener planet. But that’s not enough for us here at Schouten. A guideline from steps we have taken:

Together to less salt

Over 85% of the Dutch population eat more than the recommended 6 grams of salt per day. However, at Schouten we offer plant-based products that fit into a healthy diet with less salt.

A glimpse into what’s cooking at Supply Chain Management

As a customer, you need to be able to rely on your order being delivered on time and without any problems, anywhere in the world. Our Supply Chain department plays a crucial role in this.