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It’s all in the name

How can food companies take advantage of the trend toward plant-based eating, and draw more flexitarians and meat-eaters to choose veg-heavy dishes? A simple fix can be the name you choose.

Schouten: Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Unburdening in data, systems and customer portals

Where is the vegan standard?

What makes a product vegan? And which production guidelines apply? The legislator has not yet set a definitive standard for it. Schouten is already taking a few steps forward.

Foodsafety culture

A culture of food safety

Food safety is not only a question of strictly monitored processes—the company culture also plays an important role. This opinion is shared by legislators and certifying bodies.

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Everything for a greener planet

With our plant-based products, we are making a good contribution to a greener planet. But that’s not enough for us here at Schouten. A guideline from steps we have taken: