Dutch family business Schouten Europe takes over Nijland Food

Familiebedrijf Schouten Europe neemt Nijland Food over

The Dutch family business Schouten Europe, producer of meat and fish substitutes, is taking over Nijland Food from Goor, the Netherlands which recently declared bankruptcy. Schouten will take over all buildings and machines and is committed to ensuring that as many Nijland employees as possible can keep their jobs.

Verpakkingslijn Nijland: Familiebedrijf Schouten Europe neemt Nijland Food over

Continuing to grow

The market for plant-based alternatives to meat and fish has been steadily growing. Competition within the market has also increased. “We have always outsourced production and packaging in order to remain flexible and focus on innovation. In recent years, however, there has been an increasing shortage in production and packaging capacity. This did not benefit our market position. This acquisition offers us room to grow further”, says CEO and owner Henk Schouten.

No strangers

Schouten and Nijland are no strangers to each other. Nijland has been packaging products for Schouten for 12 years. Several Schouten products have also been produced at Nijland for five years. Nijland also packaged productes for other parties. Chicken was also processed in a separate hall. “We are specialists in the development, production, and packaging of plant-based products. Processing chicken does not fit in with that. We will therefore not continue this”, says Schouten.

Familie Schouten neemt Nijland Food over
Familie Schouten neemt Nijland Food over.  Samen met zijn kinderen Niek-Jan, Peter, Rhodé en Wouter werkt Henk continu aan nieuwe duurzame en smakelijke plant-based producten.

Strong network

The acquisition of Nijland does not mean that Schouten will produce and package all its products itself. “We have a strong network of specialised and valued production partners who will continue to add value to our company and with whom we are happy to continue to working with”, says Schouten.

The first Dutch company

Schouten started in 1990 as the first Dutch company to develop meat alternatives with plant-based proteins. The company markets one of the most comprehensive and varied ranges in the world and supplies its products in more than 50 countries. The company also develops a number of customer-specific products.

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