Henk Schouten (links) en Rieks Smook (Grassa) beklinken de samenwerking met een handdruk 

Meat substitutes based on grass-based proteins

Developing meat substitutes using protein from grass. That is the goal of the collaboration between the Netherlands-based family company Schouten Europe and the Dutch company Grassa. Grass protein is a suitable alternative to soy, an ingredient that is now commonly used in meat substitutes.

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Mince based meat alternatives

Worldwide, various companies are taking innovative approaches to vegan mince. In the Netherlands, Schouten Europe is making sustainable mince from fermented tempeh, partly using byproducts from one of its own facilities.

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Why soy is such a good meat substitute

You probably know them: vegetarian or vegetable burgers, sausages, balls, and pieces. But why is soy used for so many meat substitutes? And is that good for your health and the environment? You can read about it here!

Happy World Tuna Day

World Tuna Day

Today is World Tuna Day: a UN initiative aiming to raise awareness about sustainable fishing. No better time to put our plant-based product, Vegan Green Tuna, in the spotlight.


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