How big is the trend of ‘fresh’ plant-based products?

In the past, plant-based products were almost always pre-cooked during production. There has, however, been an increasing demand for ‘fresh’ or ‘raw’ plant-based products that look 100% like meat. The driving force behind this demand is the Beyond Meat burger. They started this trend last year, and it’s been imported from the USA.

‘Fresh’ plant-based sausages, hamburgers and minced meat.

The ‘fresh’ label has not just grown within the plant-based hamburgers. ‘Fresh’ minced meat has also been available for a couple of years now. Schouten, for example, launched ‘fresh’ minced meat on the market in 2010 and has also seen how this product has grown in popularity. The first ‘fresh’ sausages have also appeared.

Market share ‘fresh’ surges higher than the plant-based market

‘Fresh’ plant-based products, i.e. products that have not been pre-cooked (also known as ‘ready-to-cook’), are on the rise in the Dutch retail market.

Total Dutch plant-based retail market

The entire Dutch retail market of plant-based products has grown MAT wk 36 2020 with index 133. From €135.8 millionin 2019 to €180.5 million in 2020.

Total turnover in € plant-based products in the Dutch retail market

‘Fresh’ within plant-based products

The share of ‘fresh’ within plant-based products has grown MAT wk 36 2020 with index 250. From €2.3 million in 2019 to €5.8million in 2020.

The share of turnover ‘fresh’ within total plant-based is also increasing rapidly. Where this was still 1.0% of the total in 2018, it rose to 1.7% in MAT 2019. In the period MAT wk 36 2020, the revenue share has already risen to 3.2%.

Totale omzet in € plant-based producten in de Nederlandse retail
Turnover ‘fresh’ in € within plant-based products in the Dutch retail market

Expected 2020 turnover ‘fresh’ within plant-based

When the trend continues, the turnover of ‘fresh’ within plant-based products in the Dutch retail market will go up to €7.4 million, with a turnover share of 3.7%. This still small segment offers a lot of potential!

Omzetprognose 'Vers' in € binnen plant-based producten in de Nederlandse retail
Turnover forecast ‘fresh’ in € within plant-based products in the Dutch retail market

Tailor-made ‘fresh’ plant-based products

The market for ‘fresh’ plant-based products offers many opportunities. But it is also important that this new segment meets the requirements of consumers and that new products prove themselves fast. Curious about how our R&D department comes up with the best products? Or do you want to know how plant-based products are made?

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