New fish substitute for Dutch family business Schouten

Nieuwe visvervanger voor Nederlands familiebedrijf Schouten. Vegan Sticks zonder Vis - Vegan and plant-based Fishless Sticks

Schouten Europe is introducing 100% plant-based fish sticks this month. The fish sticks are the second fish replacement for the Giessen family business after the introduction of its plant-based tuna earlier this year. Schouten announces that more fish substitutes will be put on the market in the coming months.

Reducing pressure on the oceans

The number of fish substitutes is increasing worldwide. “Schouten has always been a forerunner in the meat substitutes market, and we are now also a forerunner in the fish substitutes market. We want to develop sustainable and tasty alternatives that reduce the pressure on the oceans. We expect to add another three fish substitutes to our product range before the summer”, says Product Manager Annemiek Vervoort.

Growing market

Worldwide, the demand for fish substitutes is growing. But compared with meat substitutes, it is still a relatively small market. For example, the turnover of fish substitutes in the Dutch retail market is only around €1 million. In comparison, the total turnover in meat substitutes is over €180 million. Vervoort expects the share of fish substitutes to continue to grow rapidly. “We see the demand for meat substitutes continuing to rise. The fish substitutes will benefit from this, also because both product groups are currently often offered in the same plant-based section”.

Annemiek Vervoort - Product Manager bij Schouten Europe
Annemiek Vervoort – Product Manager at Schouten
Nieuwe visvervanger voor Nederlands familiebedrijf Schouten. Vegan Sticks zonder Vis - Vegan and plant-based Fishless Sticks


In general, many consumers see less urgency in replacing fish than they do in replacing meat. Many people are pescotarians; they do not eat mammals and poultry but do eat fish or other sea creatures. Vervoort says:

“We have noticed that the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy has made a big impression on people and has contributed to a growing awareness of the importance of plant-based alternatives to fish. This will further increase the demand for fish substitutes”,

Annemiek Vervoort – Product Manager at Schouten

Fishless Sticks

Binnenkort proeven meer partijen de Vegan Sticks zonder Vis - Vegan en de plant-based Fishless Sticks

The Fishless Sticks by Schouten are based on rice and wheat and weigh 30 grams each. The product can be eaten with a hot meal, as a snack or on a sandwich for lunch. In the near future, Schouten will present the product worldwide to its customers in the retail, out-of-home, and food industry channels.

The first Dutch company

Schouten started in 1990 as the first Dutch company to develop meat alternatives with plant-based proteins. The company markets one of the most extensive and varied ranges in the world and supplies its products, primarily under their private label, in more than 50 countries. Schouten also develops many products according to customer demands.

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