New: Pea-based Mince, the new trend in vegan mince

Vleesvervanger: Vegan rul gehakt. Industrie - Nieuw: Gehakt op Erwtenbasis, de nieuwe trend in vegan gehakt

Vegan minced meat has been the best-seller on your vegetarian and vegan shelf for years. And the growth is far from over. At the same time, the number of shoppers who prefer meat substitutes with proteins other than soy is increasing. That is why Schouten is now introducing a new product that has already achieved great success: Pea-based mince. Just as tasty and versatile as Vegan Mince but made from peas.

With Pea-based Mince, you make a difference

Schouten was the first company worldwide to bring vegetarian fresh mince onto the market and is now leading the way once again with this pea-based vegan mince. Take advantage of our lead in pea-based sector and add our vegan innovation to your range today. We will gladly pack the product for you in customised consumer units.

With an unprecedented number of application possibilities, your customers will always be able to use it.

Nieuw: Gehakt op Erwtenbasis, de nieuwe trend in vegan gehakt

Ideal product characteristics for consumers

For consumers looking for vegan products without soy, our pea-based minced meat is an attractive option. Ideal for pasta sauces, tacos, wraps, and much more. The other product features will also appeal to customers who opt for healthier and more sustainable products:

  • pea-based
  • free of palm oil
  • without food additives
  • no added sugars
  • low in saturated fat: less than 1.5 grams per 100 grams
  • rich in protein: more than 20% of the calories

Good to know

Ruben Molenaar - Product Developer

Many of our other vegan products are soy-based. From a sustainability point of view, you can confidently keep or include these in your range. This is because the soy that Schouten uses is always grown sustainably.

Ruben Molenaar – Product Developer

Would you like more information? Request sample of our Pea-based Mince? Your Sales Manager is at your service.