New products: Kale Quinoa Burger and Pumpkin Curry Burger

At Schouten Europe, we have an extensive customer base and our orders are very diverse. One day we’ll be asked to create a vegetarian hamburger for the private label of an international retailer. The next day a producer of meals will ask us to partner with them to come up with a new range of vegetarian dishes. This is of course what we love doing. But even without any specific customer requests, we’re busy every day coming up with improvements and additions to our GoodBite range. This has recently resulted in two great new products: the kale quinoa burger and the pumpkin curry burger. Read more below about the development of these products.

Product: Kale Quinoa Burger and Pumpkin Curry Burger.
Schouten Europe Product technologist: Yvonne
Quote: “Meat substitutes are making way for products with their own identity”

Autumn is upon us once again and at Schouten Europe we love to reflect that in our products. Our marketing team and our product developers work together closely to introduce the best innovations in the field of meat substitutes. This means we are always aware of the latest trends and innovations and know precisely which ingredients we need to combine for the tastiest and best products. Read more about the latest meat substitutes from Schouten Europe below.

Yvonne Crijns - Product Technologist
Yvonne – product technologist

Kale Quinoa Burger

This burger is a great combination of kale and quinoa. Kale is a quintessential Dutch winter vegetable and is considered a superfood in the United States. Quinoa has now become fairly commonplace in the consumer diet, and is used increasingly as an ingredient in meat substitutes. For the last three years, some 5% of meat substitutes in Western Europe have contained quinoa (Source: Innova Market Insights). A massive increase versus the previous years. The soft core combined with a crispy coating give it a delightfully crunchy bite. That’s what we call a super burger!

meat substitutes: Vegetarian Kale Quinoa Burger

Pumpkin Curry Burger

meat substitutes: Vegetarian Pumpkin Curry Burger

Pumpkin is an autumn vegetable par excellence and combines perfectly with curry. The Pumpkin Curry Burger is a deliciously crispy oval burger with vegetarian cheese, chunks of pumpkin and curry. The grains and seeds in the coating ensure a delightfully crunchy coating. This product is now available at Jumbo, Deen and Poiesz supermarkets. The Kale Quinoa Burger is available at Jumbo and Deen supermarkets.

The process beforehand

Bringing such quality products to market does of course first require a lot of time and effort. In our test kitchen in Giessen, we try, test and taste the product for as long as it takes to become satisfied with the recipe. Then we simulate the production process on a small scale at one of our factories so that we know for sure what the final product is like. After an initial trial production run, we decide whether or not the product is ready for market introduction or if it needs some extra fine-tuning. We love partnering with any company looking for vegetarian products or concepts. Any questions or suggestions? Then contact us.

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