Schouten Europe introduces vegetarian soup balls

The Dutch family business Schouten Europe B.V. introduces vegetarian soup balls this week. The product is available at various supermarket chains in The Netherlands.

Schouten Europe: producten vleesvervangers - Soepballetjes

Brand and Private Label

Schouten sells the product under its GoodBite brand. The product is also sold by a well-known Dutch retailer under the supermarket chain’s own brand. A package of soup balls contains 160 grams of balls. The balls can easily be processed in a soup but also in a pasta sauce or in a salad.

Less meat

According to marketing manager Mark van Noorloos, the introduction of vegetarian soup balls is a logical step. “We help people to eat less meat. The first step for many starting flexitarians is to replace meat products one by one with a vegetarian variant, such as these soup balls.”

First Dutch company

In 1990, Schouten became the first Dutch company to develop meat substitutes based on vegetable proteins. With one of the most extensive and varied assortments in the world, Schouten’s products are sold under their own GoodBite brand and under store brands in supermarkets both in the Netherlands and abroad. Schouten also develops many new products based on customer demand.