Schouten wins respected ‘Innova Klassiek’ award

Lentil Burger continues to be successful four years after it was introduced

The North Brabant family business Schouten Europe B.V. has won the Innova Classic Award 2016-2020. In a highly competitive market in which many newly introduced products disappear from the shelf within a year, the Schouten Lentil Burger has already proven its value on the shelf for four years, according to supermarket entrepreneurs.

Innova Klassiek Levensmiddelenkrant: Schouten wint award met de Vegan Linzenburger


The Levensmiddelenkrant (the Dutch food products trade magazine) awards the Innova Classic. It is the only award given for long-term success and one of the few industry awards that are awarded based on the valuation of retailers. Product Manager Annemiek Vervoort van Schouten says, “Our Lentil Burger was a great success from the very first moment and continues to be so today. This award really shows recognition for our work.”

Supermarket entrepreneurs

The award of the Innova Classic 2016-2020 was created based on a telephone survey among independent supermarket entrepreneurs. The Levensmiddelenkrant asks them to rate the nominated products that were introduced in 2016.

Schouten Europe: manufacturer vega en vegan meat substitutes: Vegan chicken burger

First Dutch party

Schouten was the first Dutch party to start developing meat substitutes based on vegetable proteins in 1990. Schouten has one of the most extensive and varied plant-based product ranges in the world. The products are mainly sold under private labels in supermarkets at home and abroad. Schouten also develops many products based on customer demand.

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