New! Vegan Chickenless Dippers

Good news! We’ve expanded our assortment with the irresistibly delicious Chickenless Dippers. These vegan dippers have a crunchy coating and a wonderfully tender inside. Ideal for the food service, because this product is a direct response to the demand for plant-based chicken products.

More and more plant-based chicken

Chicken is one of the most frequently consumed meats in the world. The share of plant-based chicken products has also seen a sharp increase. These products are made on the basis of vegetable proteins and are similar in taste, structure and bite to chicken pieces, chicken fillet and nuggets. Would you like to know more about the market development of plant-based chicken? Click here!

Vegan Chickenless Dippers

Current range of snacks

First of all, the catering industry is currently going through a challenging time in Europe and worldwide because of the current situation. But it also offers the opportunity to review the current range and to meet the increasing demand for more plant-based products.

There is a variety of vegetarian options within pub food/snacks, for example. However, these are only snacks that have not been associated with meat. But there is an increasing demand for meat analogues, products that are an exact copy of meat products. These plant-based Chickenless Dippers are a response to the growing global demand for:

  • Plant-based products
  • Demand for chicken substitutes
  • Meat look-a-likes, for flexitarians

Vegan Chickenless Dippers

The vegan Chicken Dippers are a real winner. The plant-based chicken is wonderfully tender and juicy. With its crunchy coating, this is a must-have addition to your range. Unique to these dippers:

  • Tastier than chicken
  • Vegan
  • Protein-rich
  • Source of fibres
  • No added sugar
  • Salt content 1.1%
  • Low in saturated fat

Vegan chickenless Dippers

“I really loved it! I also want to eat this as a burger.”

How did we create this Chickenless Dipper?

Henrieke, product developer in R&D at Schouten, was responsible for the development of these Chickenless Dippers. The starting point for this plant-based dipper was that it should, as closely as possible, resemble a Chicken Tender.

‘We currently have several successful plant-based chicken products on the market. The basic dough for this is already quite good, and I used that as my jumping-off point. A characteristic of a Chicken Tender is that it has a fibrous/meat-like structure, more than, for example, chicken nuggets, which often have a smoother structure.’

‘That delicious crunchy homestyle coating has been specially created for us. It was developed together with our supplier, who specialises in those sorts of coatings. So it 100% meets our requirements. So it really has the taste and that typical homestyle crunch, which makes the dipper so good.’

That nice crunchy homestyle coating is specially created for us

Henrieke Ouwerkerk – Product Developer Schouten

Packing formats

A vegan chickenless dipper weighs 35 grams each. And is available in the following packaging sizes:


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