We keep on pioneering

From vegan pioneer to vegan precursor

We keep on pioneering

Schouten has been of leading importance for the plant-based market for years. Based on a clear vision and with a solid organisational structure, we are further expanding our leading position.

The power of our Research & Innovation team

In addition to Team Tailor-Made that deals with customer projects, our R&D department also has Team Research & Innovation. Here we translate trends and developments into surprising new products and initiatives. In this way we continue to fulfil the pioneering role that we already have from the past. At the same time, we are moving step by step towards an increasingly plant-based future.

A clear vision

The road to that future follows a trajectory of four phases that we describe in our vision (see below). We look beyond the raw materials in our products and also focus on sustainability aspects. The ultimate goal in phase 4 is a vegetable product that undergoes as few processing steps as possible and that is produced from local raw materials.

Here is an overview of the four phases:

We keep on pioneering

Phase 1: feed optimisation

In the 1980s Henk Schouten developed a feed optimisation system. Animals receive a more optimal diet, which also requires fewer raw materials.

Phase 2: from meat to meat-like substitutes

Under the name Schouten’s Classics , we have been producing plant-based products for years with the appearance, texture, bite and taste of meat or fish, such as hamburgers, schnitzels, and fish fingers.

Phase 3: from meat lookalikes to unique meat substitutes

The production of substitutes that resemble meat consumes a lot of energy. That is why Schouten now also develops plant-based products that stay closer to their origin. We call these products with their own identity Schouten Variations. Examples are the Kale Quinoa patty, the Lentil Burger and the Nut Bites. All combinations of legumes, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Phase 4: fewer food miles

In the future, Schouten wants to source raw materials even more locally. In this way we put even less strain on the environment.

Trends plant-based protein products - We keep on pioneering

Our award-winning Vegan Lentil burger

A hit from the third phase is our Lentil burger. Wouter Schouten of our Research & Innovation team developed the burger. He explains: “The taste is based on North African cuisine: spicy, with the sweetness of dates.”

“We make them from green Laird lentils. These retain their structure and bite better than red lentils during cooking. This way we create different textures in the burger: juicy and tender on the inside, crunchy on the outside. The spice blend is inspired by ras el hanout, a blend of cardamom, mace, cinnamon, coriander and cloves. I personally like to eat the Lentil burger with a vegetable stew from the tagine.”

Innova Klassiek Levensmiddelenkrant: Schouten wint award met de Vegan Linzenburger

The Lentil burger is now part of our assortment. And rightly so: in addition to being very tasty, it is also nutritious. Lentils contain a lot of iron, protein and B vitamins and are therefore an excellent meat substitute. The burger recently won the Innova classic award. According to supermarket entrepreneurs, our Lentil burger has already proven its worth on the shelf for four years.

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