Tailor made products

Our greatest strength lies in the development of distinctive products for our client base.

We develop specific products based on vegetable proteins for small and large customers. Our extensive experience and knowledge of natural resources make us the veggie food partner.

We look forward to discussing the conditions required for a successful collaboration with you. Then we hit the ground running!

How does it work?

We are really interested in hearing your ideas and wishes. You may already know exactly what you want to achieve. Perhaps you are looking for a bit of inspiration. No problem. We look forward to getting together and finding out how we can provide you with added value.

Recipe development

After determining in consultation what type of product is best suited to your business, we will begin working on recipe development. We will provide you with sample, welcome your feedback and work toward developing a recipe that meets and exceeds your expectations.


A sample production is then planned so that your product can be produced on a small scale in our production facility. Initial production will only start once you are completely satisfied with the result. It goes without saying that we conduct the required food safety inspections.

And then?

After the introduction of your product(s), we continue to work with you in terms of market development, product improvement and innovations.

Schouten has extensive market knowledge. We monitor global trends and development. We are able to advise you regarding raw materials, ingredients and flavour trends in addition to packaging form and pricing.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and introduction to our organisation and everything we have to offer.

Who have we teamed up with already?

Global fast-food chains, retailers, food specialists, large and small brand producers and many more parties that were ready to tap into the potential of the vegetarian product market. View our JumboHAK or Huhtahyvät client cases.

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Peter Schouten
General Director
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Commercial Director
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Anke van Eijk
R&D Manager
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